Brush Your Dog's Teeth - How and Why It's Important for Your Dog's Health

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Brush Your Dog’s Teeth – How and Why It’s Important for Your Dog’s Health

Brushing your dog’s teeth is a good habit to get into. It will help keep them clean between veterinary cleanings. Some people don’t believe in brushing their dog’s teeth, but I do. It’s a good way to keep up your dog’s oral hygene and also a good way to get your dog comfortable with putting your hands in his or her mouth.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is no excuse not to have a veterinarian check your dog’s teeth and perform cleanings when necessary. Bones and other natural foods can help prevent heavier build up of plaque and tarter, but remember, even wild animals have tooth decay, so bear that in mind.

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Here’s the recipe I promised in the video:

2 tablespoons baking soda
2 tablespoons organic coconut oil
5 drops organic peppermint oil
10 drops Dr. Mercola Silver solution
1 teaspoon colostrum

*** some dogs may not like the peppermint oil, so go slow on introducing that.

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16 Thoughts to “Brush Your Dog’s Teeth – How and Why It’s Important for Your Dog’s Health”

  1. mihaela dog

    Turkey necks , best toothbrush 😂

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Couldn’t agree more about this. I do my dogs teeth after her 2nd meal Every day with just a toothbrush and water (sensitive tummy ) and the Vet was impressed that a 6 year old dogs teeth were so good. Great video Robert. She is 100% Raw fed to , which helps. Thank you.

  3. PetPrep RadioShow

    Love it! Love Maya! Fun video! Thank you for the toothpaste recipe! I make my own tooth powder and it works great for me personally, so this is neat to have a recipe for dog toothpaste! Love Dr Mercola too! Peace!

  4. R E Malm

    … Mia is going … “Daaaad” … 🙂 …

  5. Jamie

    I switched to a high quality wet food only diet for my dog and his bad breath immediately went away. I’d given up on resolving his horrendous breath and just wanted to give him better food, but it’s amazing what a difference his fresh breath makes.

  6. Radu Ardeleanu

    Verry good advice , especially if the dog is on kibble .

  7. Theresa w

    I brush my dogs teeth regularly, been doing it since they were puppies, they are 3 years old now. My vet is impressed! Great advice!

  8. Lincoln Clay

    Is it necessary if they’re eating raw meat and bones?

  9. TOMinPDX

    My dog loves having her teeth brushed. I do it every other day, the vet always comments on how good her teeth look

  10. Silvia Gutierrez

    I need the home made recipe asap I live in Venezuela and unless I import stuff from USA I’m not gonna be able to find the toothpaste

  11. Ian Walsh

    Raw diet and bite work with my gsds keeps their teeth in great condition. Iv never ever brushed any of my dogs teeth. The dogs with teeth issue are probably fed a kibble diet and get given lots of human based treats. Raw lamb necks are my dental sticks. Takes the dogs up to 20 mins to eat one and the teeth get a brilliant scale and polish

  12. QMonkeyManQ

    Love Maya, would love to see more of her! Great video as per usual

  13. 優しい葉 Chikara

    The best way really the cuddle position 🤫.. we just cuddling. we’re not brushing teeth 🤣.. also when we’re wiping down dirty paws🙃 feel bad tricking my fur baby like that but just like eating his vegetables too🤫🐶🖤

  14. Jannell Meagher

    Along with a raw diet only, I feed raw chicken feet as a treat or freeze dried tripe. Nature’s toothbrush. Excellent video.

  15. KidJet Recon

    Both my labs love their teeth brushed, they know the time of day almost to the minute. Great subject and video.

  16. Basic To Glam Chic Travels

    I was told with the bones they chew should be enough for their cleaning but I think it’s best to regularly brush. I have 2 5 month old Belgian Malinois and they are teething now so I’ll start their dental hygiene now when their teeth are still white and sparkly ✨️ . Thanks for this. One question Robert though, my puppies still don’t pee and poo where they should, what do I do? Also they don’t pee or poo while on leash. Please help.

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