Border Collie Corgi Mix: Borgi breed info, puppy costs & more

If you’re looking for a herding dog with a twist, the Border Collie and Corgi mixed puppy, known as Borgi for short, is probably the one for you! We say probably because you need to read our comprehensive guide first, but he’s such an adaptable dog that he’ll fit most family homes. While corgis come in many different blends. The Borgi is one of our favorites.

He’s a happy puppy who loves lots of cuddling and attention and is always ready for a game or two. He’s outgoing, but thanks to his collie’s reluctance, he’s not in your face as some would say. Overall, he is a well-balanced puppy who is the best of both the border collie and the corgi.

His main needs that you need to consider are his high level of exercise demands, care plan, and need to spend most of his time with his family. So, if you think you could offer him these things, read on to find out if he’s the pooch for you!

Parent breeds

To understand Borgi and what to expect from him, it is important to understand a little more about his parents and their origins. So let’s take a look at them first.

Border collie

Native to the pond in the highlands of Wales and Scotland, the Border Collie, while not the original herding dog, is a mix of anything that could be created, some would say: the perfect herding dog. He is also known as the smartest dog of all, so he needs to be placed with a family that can keep both his body and brain going. He is described as loving, smart, and energetic and he’s happiest when he has a job to do.

In 2020 The American Kennel Club has classified the breed how the 35th most popular dog breed in America. He is a favorite with the Kings and it is said that Queen Victoria’s favorite dog was her border collie named Sharp. The border collie has become a popular designer dog parent Border Collie Lab Mix, and the Border Collie Rottweiler Mix.


The Corgi is also one of the best herding dogs, which is quite a surprise to many given his petite size, but it’s his short stature that makes him so great at it! His sociable and funny nature also makes him a great family companion and being that the AKC has classified the breed as the 13th most popular breed in America, shows how popular he is. While native to Wales in England, it is hugely popular with both royalty and the masses around the world happy face and fluffy bum also make him a social media sensation.

There are two types of corgi, the Pembroke, and the cardigan, and the Borgi could be bred from either. If you’re not sure about the difference, have a look at thisour Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi Guide that explains everything. The word corgi means “Dwarf dog” in Welsh, but this man’s bubbly personality isn’t small! The corgi is a common designer dog parent who helps create lots of mixes like that Horgi or the Porgi.

The Borgi

The Border Collie Corgi Mix is ​​an affectionate and energetic mixed breed puppy.

While many disagree with the idea of ​​a designer dog and you cannot 100% guarantee what traits it will inherit from its parents, the Borgi tends to do so Take the best bits from each parent making a more balanced dog that is suitable for most families.


The Borgi is A sociable dog who loves being with their family. When it comes to strangers when looking for his Border Collie parent, he may be a little aloof at first, but he will soon warm up to them thanks to his extremely sociable Corgi parents. This also means that I hate being alone for a long time. So if you can’t spend most of your day with him, he may not be the breed of dog for you.

Because he loves his people so much, you can be sure that you are ready with lots of cuddles and dog kisses. In addition to lots of affection, you can also expect lots of fun with this pooch. If he doesn’t guard, he is Play games and wreak havoc. This guy has the cheekiness of the corgi and the intelligence of the border collie so you can expect him to be very vicious indeed. He will always be ready for a tug-of-war or fetch, and there will never be a dull moment with the Borgi.

Both of the Borgi’s parents are herding dogs and definitely two of the best, so that’s what to expect The Borgi will inherit the urge to flock. This is perfect if you are looking for a working ranch dog, but if you simply want him to be a family companion, you may find that he is trying to look after younger children or other pets and this must be discouraged immediately.

Size & appearance

The Borgi usually looks like a corgi, with the long body and short legs, but also with the black and white fur of the Collie and the longer tail. He will measure between 10 and 21 inches from paw to shoulder and weigh between 30 and 40 pounds.

Usually, he inherits the Corgi’s broad smile and cheeky face larger than life triangular ears this is noticeable, as are the short legs, which also easily emerge.

Coat & colors

Corgi Border Collie Coat colors
The Borgi can take after either parent, but usually takes after the Border Collie for coat color.

The The Borgi’s coat usually takes after the Border Collie that it’s a lot longer and thicker, but with that comes a lot more dandruff! His double coat keeps him warm while he works on the ranch, and keeps you warm on the sofa or in bed when he’s a happy boy!

Its coat color will normally be also black and white, However, just like the Border Collie, it can also take on brown and brindle hues that are similar to those of its Corgi parent.

Movement & living conditions

The Borgi is a bouncing dog fluff ball that has a lot of energy! He will need at least 60 minutes of intense exercise every day otherwise, he will have a lot of pent-up energy that he will have to get rid of in another way, namely your sofa and other valuable possessions of yours.

Ideally, he would like to be placed with a family that can offer him a job on a ranch but if not a lot of exercise, interactive sessions, and mind games will keep him busy. Be super intelligent and agile It would thrive on an agility course. So take him on a local class to change things up a little.

As a small to medium-sized dog that is relatively small, he is would be suitable for homes of any sizeas long as they have a yard and it gets enough exercise every day. If you have a house with stairs be sure to keep an eye on him or even get a stair gate because his long back and short legs mean he is prone to injuries when jumping up and down stairs or on and off couches, etc. Many Corgi and Dachshund owners use dog ramps. So if he’s small like his corgi parent, investing in some of these is wise.

Just like any dog, as long as it is well socialized as a puppy He is good with other dogs and pets. He loves young children too, but all you have to do is take into account that he is a herding dog, after all, and he might well try to herd them. This behavior should be discouraged as early as possible, and many Corgi, Collie, and Borgi owners comment that this is not a problem if handled correctly.


The Borgi has to be well socialized as a puppy to make sure he learns his dog manners and grows up to be a polite pooch. While Borgis are rarely possessive or protective, they can try to beware, so this has to be the case be monitored and discouraged when they are not supposed to work as a herding dog.

As mentioned earlier, the Borgi will hate being left alone for too long. Once you welcome him into your home, this is what you should do Invest in a safe box that he can call his own. It can even help get one specially developed for separation anxiety. Also, since he needs to be groomed every day, it is important that you introduce him to this regimen at a very early age and make it a pleasant experience each time with treats and praise. If you plan to exercise with a harness, make sure you have one available specifically for it. Suitable for puppies with a corgi-shaped body.


The Borgi is a relatively healthy dog ​​that enjoys a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. Because he is a mixed dog, he is at risk of health concerns affecting both of his parents. Therefore, you should consider the following:

Hip dysplasia – – This is caused by the abnormal formation of his hip joint, which causes increased and painful crunching of the joints, ultimately leading to decreased range of motion and painful arthritis.

Disc disease – This disease, also more simply known as IVDD, affects those dogs that are shaped like the corgi with their longer spine and shorter legs. This occurs when one of the intervertebral discs ruptures, which can cause severe pain and sometimes paralysis. Aside from general and broken bones, this is another reason he needs to be careful when jumping from any height.

Progressive retinal atrophy – Also known as a PRA. Here, the condition of the retina deteriorates over time, which can lead to complete blindness.


Border Collie Corgi Diet
Borgi are active puppies and should have a diet that suits their training level.

Be sure to feed the Borgi a high quality dry snack. Dry nibbling is important for all dogs but especially dogs with smaller jaws as they are more prone to periodontal disease The dry nibble will help break down plaque that begins to build up.

Since he is full of energy, he will likely need a diet full of energy and protein to keep him going throughout the day. Usually, he will consume somewhere between 2 and 2 ½ cups of snacks daily. If he inherits his corgi parent’s appetite, he will be begging for food for most of the day. So be sure to monitor his treat intake and do not allow him to feed for free or you will find one soon Pork borgi on your hands.


The Borgi is likely to inherit the collie coat, and as such, it needs to be brushed several times a week throughout the year and during the shedding season He’ll likely have to brush every day simply to keep his coat manageable. Since it has a thick double coat, be sure to check out our Deshedding Tool Guide where to find the perfect tool.

He’ll need his Brush your teeth every week with dog toothpaste to keep periodontal disease at bay and to check and clean his big ears every week as they often trap a lot of dirt! If you find he doesn’t like grooming himself, make each experience enjoyable with a treat or two.


The cost of a Borgi puppy will put you back somewhere in between $ 500 and $ 1,000. While not as popular as many other designer pups, Corgi mixes are growing in popularity, and the Borgi, with their Border Collie intelligence, is no exception. If you can find a Borgi that is a lot cheaper or a lot more expensive than this guide price, consider walking as it is likely part of a puppy mill.

As family animals

Borgi as a family pet
The Borgi is an excellent family pet.

The Borgi is full of energy and needs to be placed with a family that can either work him on a ranch or with a very active family that can guarantee him at least 60 minutes of intensive training every day. He is very sociable, and although he may be a little strange to strangers at first, he will soon become the soul of the party. The Borgi comes from two herding parents and is certainly also a top shepherd. Therefore, monitor him for herding behavior at home and let it quickly nip in the bud when he is tending other pets or small children.

Being super sociable means he also hates being alone for long periods of time. Therefore, he must be placed with a family that will not leave him for too long. Socialization is key to making sure he grows into a well-behaved pooch that is not a herd.

The Borgi’s coat only needs to be brushed on most days to keep it manageable. So this needs to be included in your new routine with him. His depleted energy needs to be monitored to make sure he doesn’t jump from heights, including stairs and couches, or you risk injury and IVDD.

Find a Borgi breeder

First, look for local Borgi breeders online. However, you need to be prepared for travel if you want to partner with a reputable Borgi breeder. It is important that you do your own research Look for reviews from other customers if you can find her. It is also important that you meet the breeder and their puppies in person, and it is always important to trust your gut if you have a bad feeling about them.

While there aren’t yet any breed standards for the Borgi, a reputable breeder only breeds Border Collies and Corgis that are very healthy, and those that each pass their own breed health tests Ask for their health certificates too.

Rescue & Protection

If you want to save a Borgi, there are some of you that you should turn to local rescue centers. Since this is a relatively new designer dog there won’t be hundreds of them there, but with persistent reviews and visits, you will find your canine soul mate soon enough! Check out those tooBorder Collie Rescue Website or theCorgi Aid Website that provides information on special breeding centers that also house mixed breeds.

Final thoughts

The Borgi is a sensational canine companion who offers his family the love and affection they could want, but also all of the games and entertainment. He is sociable but not too overwhelming, hardworking, but he also knows how to relax with people. His exercise needs are non-negotiable, as is the camaraderie with his human pack, but as long as you can offer it to him he would make a fantastic ranch mate and family companion.


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