Boerboels Are Brave Enough to Face Even Lions and Hyenas


Boerboels Are Brave Enough to Face Even Lions and Hyenas


Boerboel is so fearless and strong that he can face hyenas and even lions.

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13 Thoughts to “Boerboels Are Brave Enough to Face Even Lions and Hyenas”

  1. KaceeGreer

    I have recently discovered online training for Jack Russells to be protection dogs
    You heard me
    I figure it would take four to six dogs to make a good team you could teach each one to go for a certain place on the body. All the wrestlers do well as a pack, so that’s not a problem. They can keep each other entertained and exercised so that’s a help. There could be many times you could skip spending very much time in the backyard, if you were tired; maybe just every other day. You could even get them one of those balls where they put the ball in themselves and it sit across the yard and that would keep them all busy racing to be the first; you could drop extra balls in so everybody gets a ball to run back to you with!
    The most important part of having a team, say six of them, is that if an intruder or attacker has a backup guy, then you have extra dogs to attack. And they’re small they don’t eat near as much as a big one does even if you have six!

  2. Lucas Enzo

    Make videos about africanis too

  3. Jervais Alexander & Jernessa Sanderson

    💞the content but, Boerboels have a bite force of 600+PSI. (Keep up the excellent work)💯

  4. Danny Kaunda

    Can you do a video about a Rhodesian Ridgeback 🙏

  5. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞


    Bro kangal has more bite force than lion . But why they are not capable to kill a lion

  7. arun paul

    Fool, hayna and lion are no match

  8. TC

    It is brave enough, but NOT strong enough to fight a Lion(and survive). That would be its last fight.

    Nice click bait though….

  9. Dukolli


  10. Shorne Brown

    Third one here!

  11. Yousuf Khan

    Grizzly bear vs lion next video please

  12. Akachukwu Madueke

    First one here!

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