Bleach Poisoning in Dogs
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Bleach Poisoning in Dogs

Many products used around the home like bleach and ammonia contain hazardous chemicals.

If your dog happens to ingest any of these products, toxicity could result in complications within the digestive and respiratory systems.

Bleach poisoning is considered one of the top ways that dogs can be affected by toxicity.

It is important, then, to keep all household products hidden from your pet to prevent any accidents.

If your pet does experience exposure to bleach, you should seek veterinarian assistance right away and not try to induce vomiting on your own.

However, remember to remain calm, moving your dog into a safer area, especially if you notice any convulsion or tremor.

In any case, call the veterinarian and explain the situation.

This allows the veterinarian to prepare for your dog’s arrival.

Bleach poisoning happens when dogs ingest and absorb a considerable amount of bleach that usually results in a high level of toxicity along with other noticeable symptoms.

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