Black Dog Names: 350+ Ideas For Your Black Pup

Dogs come in all sorts of assorted colors, but one of the most popular colors is black. Finding the perfect name for a new dog is a big task, and in many cases, owners want to name their dog something that is connected to the dog’s coat color. If you are looking for ideas for black dog naming inspiration, you are in the right place.

There is more to a dog’s name than one might think. Names reflect an owner’s personality, sense of humor, or lifestyle and must also embody the dog’s look and personality. Names serve a purpose for owners and pets but may not hold the same meaning for both. Canine names need to be simple, short, and easy for dogs to learn and understand.

Though finding that perfect moniker for a new pet can be intimidating, the good news is there are plenty of resources like our black dog names guide to help. Whether you want a classic title, something common, an unusual word, or something that has personal significance, there are plenty of places to find inspiration. We are ready to get started on helping you find that perfect moniker for your new canine companion.

What Dogs Hear When We Call Them

Canines do not understand words the same way that we humans do. When we hear a word, we immediately think of the associated meaning, dog’s brains and hearing do not work the same way. They will not understand the specific meaning of a word the way we do. For example, a pup christened Magnus will not know that his name means enormous. What he is going to understand is that that word has a special meaning for him. Some canines will learn more words than others, depending on breed, environment, training style, and the individual pup.

For owners, pet names are both a sign of affection and a necessary tool to help control and manage a pet. For canines, this word is associated with positive reactions. They can also determine a little bit of meaning from the tone of voice. So, Magnus might understand that when his owner calls his name first thing in the morning, that means it is time to go outside or have breakfast. If Magnus hears his owner speaking in a very stern tone, he might understand that he is in trouble. When his owner calls out Magnus in a happy, excited tone, he may come running faster because he knows that means something good is coming. Dogs will associate words with actions and responses they get from them.

Canines will respond to their owner’s voice differently than they will to a stranger. There is even a different response to different members of their human family. Dogs are well aware of who their primary caregivers are and also build special relationships with other family members. So, they will learn that their name means something important, and then will understand that that word coming from different people, in different tones also means something important.

It is essential to associate a dog’s name with a positive feeling when teaching it to them. They will respond very well to treats and cuddles and will quickly learn that responding gets them a positive reward and attention and will learn to associate it with those feelings.

Naming Your Black Dog

Finding the perfect word that represents you and gets your pup’s attention may take time.

The list of canine breeds with black and darker shades in their coats is very long. Many favorite family breeds are black in color, like the Belgian Sheepdog, Cane Corso, Chihuahua, Flat-Coated Retriever, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Rottweiler, and more. Hopefully, our list of 350 + black dog name ideas will be just the thing to help find that perfect title to christen your new cuddle buddy.


Feminine names can be delicate, flowing, pretty, bold, confident, and strong. Let’s be honest, a classy lady needs an elegant designation that shares with the world just how special she is. We love these feminine-inspired ideas of things to call black dogs. These ideas can be used on pups of all breeds and sizes. As they say, if the name fits, wear it!

Angel Lady
Baby Lilly
Bebe Lina
Bella Lola
Betty Lucy
Bonnie Lyra
Carly Mabel
Chloe Mae
Cleo Maisy
Dolly Maya
Duchess Mia
Ella Molly
Eva Princess
Faith Queen
Fiona Queenie
Gabby Roxie
Gemma Sally
Gigi Sasha
Grace Sassy
Greta Sissy
Hannah Skye
Heaven Sofie
Holly Sweet Pea
Hope Sweetie
Izzy Trixie


Strong male names appeal to many owners and embody the spirit and look of many black-colored male pups. Big, bold, masculine call signs can be very fitting for large and giant breeds. Even smaller pups with a big attitude can do well with a powerful, sturdy title. Sometimes owners just like the sound of a robust male moniker. Whether owners want a tough title for a tough-looking pooch or just like the sound of a masculine-sounding word, we hope these ideas will help.

Male Female
Coal Ash
Dusky Cinder
Ebony Indigo
Jet Ink
Noir Mica
Obsidian Noire
Slate Onyx
Soot Raven
Stone Sable
Male Female
Coal Ash
Dusky Cinder
Ebony Indigo
Jet Ink
Noir Mica
Obsidian Noire
Slate Onyx
Soot Raven
Stone Sable

Names That Mean Black

There are many words that mean or allude to black or darker colors. Some of these can make very cool, less common monikers for black pups. Some words like the French words Noir and Noire are foreign language words that mean black. Others are alternative ways of describing the dark color.

Atlas Leo
Bandit Luke
Baxter Max
Ben Milo
Benji Oliver
Bo Ollie
Bruno Otis
Buddy Ozzie
Buster Prince
Cash Rambo
Champ Rex
Chance Ryan
Chase Ryder
Cody Sam
Duke Scout
Finn Sir
Frank Srge
Fred Tank
General Teddy
Gunner Theo
Gus Titus
Hank Toby
Henry Toby
Jack Tonk
King Wally

Food & Beverage Inspired

Humans love food and dogs, so it is no surprise that so many of our pets are named after their favorite foods and beverages. We have a list of tasty treats that easily fill our bellies and make for charming dog-naming ideas. Check out this list of tastebud-inspired monikers for your new black puppy.

Male Female
Bean Babka
Choco Berry
Coffee Brownie
Currant Cake Pop
Dr. P Candy
Fig Cherry
Fudge Cocoa
Guinness Cola
Hershey Cookie
Kona Cream Puff
Mochi Éclair
Mr. Pibb Godiva
Oreo Goji
Rummy Licorice
Sapote Mousse
Scotch Pepper
Sesame Plum
Snickers Pudding
Truffle Velvet
Waffles Whiskey

Nature-Inspired Black Dog Names

Nature and the unique beauty surrounding us all over the world offer a ton of inspiration for pet names. We spend hours outside exploring the world with our dogs, so it makes sense that some of those places might motivate a fantastic moniker for a new pup. The great big world of nature has much to offer, and that includes these ideas for naming black dogs.

Male Female
Cliff Blossom
Echo Brooke
Forrest Coral
Mesa Dahlia
Moss Dawn
Oriole Iris
Pine Maple
Reed Midnight
Ridge Misty
River Opal
Walnut Poppy
Woody Starling

Magical Names

The color black has a significant place in the magical realm. We often depict magical mystical figures in dark robes. Black represents many things in magic and mysticism. Knowledge, power, mystery, protection, life itself, so many things are attached to this color. We found plenty of ideas for magic-inspired names for darker-colored dogs.

Male Female
Beltane Aura
Cast Bruja
Diablo Charm
Druid Elixir
Hex Fae
Hocus Jinx
Kindred Juju
Legend Lamia
Mage Lilith
Magi Litha
Ouija Mojo
Phantom Ostara
Phoenix Shadow
Spell Sigil
Tarot Spirit
Wand Sprite
Warlock Star
Wiz Wicca


The weather substantially impacts our lives, whether we pay attention to it or not. The weather can bring some rather unexpected surprises. While we might not want to get caught in a sudden hailstorm, we can find plenty of pet-naming ideas from the weather. These weather-related monikers can be fun and sometimes a little unique.

Male Female
Bolt Aurora
Cirrus Breeze
Haze Cloud
Horus Dew
Hurricane Eira
Kai Flurry
Muggy Frost
Nimbus Gale
Sol Indra
Storm Misty
Thermal Neve
Thunder Rainbow
Twister Rainey
Typhoon Snow
Vortex Sunni

Night-Inspired Names

Black is a color often associated with nighttime. Night-inspired names can be very unusual and may not be as commonly used. This is something that some dog owners are looking for. Nighttime means many things to many people. For many people, the nighttime is a time of rest, restoration, and slumber. With others, those moonlit hours are a time of gathering and excitement. For many more folks, the night is a mysterious place that inspires them. Check out these ideas inspired by the darkness of night for your black puppy.

Male Female
Comet Dream
Eclipse Luna
Midnight Nebula
Nyx Nisha
Orion Nova
Orpheus Stella
Radiant Twilight
Umbra Vega

Big Black Dog Names

When it comes to dog names, sometimes size matters. A size-related moniker might just be what a particular-sized pup needs. Whether owners want to give a big dog a small title or give a small dog a big name, or vice versa, we hope one of these might fit the bill.

Male Female
Baron Amazon
Boomer Bertha
Brutus Elektra
Chunk Hela
Clifford Jenga
Diesel Medusa
Goliath Pippi
Heathcliff Regan
Knox Sahara
Marmaduke Sheba
Sarge Tundra
Tyson Vanna
Yeti Vixen

Small Black Dog Names

Just as we can have big names for dogs, there are some names that fit small dogs just right. Whether it is a tiny Chihuahua named Atlas, or a dainty toy poodle named Minnie, size inspired-names are fun. We hope one of these smaller size-inspired names might fit the bill.

Male Female
Ace Ally
Bud Boo
Buzz Bubbles
Chip Dot
Dax Elfie
Fido Fifi
Jo Flo
Pal Gem
Pip Joy
Walt Liz
Zip Wink

Movie Inspired Names

Movies provide entertainment, escape, inspiration, connection, and more. We often look to these characters and stories to find pet names. Villain, hero, far away fantastic places, these can all make unique ideas for monikers. From huge franchises like Harry Potter, Marvel, and Disney to little-known cult classics, the movies have a vast amount of potential for inspiration in naming pets.

Male Female
Beast Alice
Clark Ariel
Cullen Arwen
Dodger Diana
Edward Eowyn
Falcon Esme
Hercules Gamora
Hobbit Giselle
Hopper Juno
Jacob Katniss
Loki Lena
Neo Nala
Noah Nana
Pongo Nubia
Simba Ripley
Smaug Stella
Spawn Trinity
Thor Widow

Dog Naming Tips

Young Black and Blue Dogs Looking Up
Names can be anything an owner wants, but there are a few tips and guidelines to keep in mind.

It can be a big task to find the right moniker for a new puppy, and owners can feel a lot of pressure. There are steps owners can take to make the process a little less stressful.

  1. Stay appropriate. Owners will need to call out a dog’s name at the park. Never call a puppy anything that is offensive or will embarrass them or the people that need to interact with them. Putting a pup or anyone else in an awkward situation is not kind or funny.
  2. Stick to one or two-syllable names. Canines respond better to shorter words. They will not understand a designation that is too long. Yes, it would be fun to call your sweet baby Her Royal Highness Philomena The Sparkle Pup, but she will not know what that means. One or two-syllable words work best.
  3. Names that start with strong consonants are easier for dogs to understand. B, D, K, P, R, T, and Z are good examples. Softer letter sounds like F and S are more challenging for dogs to hear and pick up on.
  4. Avoid words and sounds that can be confused with commands.
  5. Stay away from words that sound like other pets or family members’ names. This will simply confuse everyone and create chaos.
  6. Pick out a few ideas and make a list of potential nicknames. Pets often get called by a nickname more than their given name, so it is a good practice to try a few out before making a final choice.
  7. Owners should know that it is perfectly acceptable to take some time to pick a name. Try a few on for size and see how they fit your pup. Do not stress if a perfect idea is not picked out right away. These things mean more to us than they do to canines. It is also okay to change your mind if something does not seem to be working out, as long as owners are not changing an older dog’s name. This is a different story.
  8. Offer your pup a reward when they respond to their name. This will encourage them to come back and see you the next time they hear that word called out.

Final Thoughts

A dog’s name shares who they are and becomes an essential part of its personality. It means something to them and to their owners and should be something that represents both. Finding the best fit for a pup is a process that does not always happen quickly. Owners need to take the time to see if an idea works and be ok changing things up if it doesn’t.

A pet’s name should come from a place of love and respect from its owners. It is fun to get creative and a little wacky with this process, but owners should always remain respectful to their pups. Take the time to find some great ideas and even try out a few before deciding. We find inspiration in many places, and coat color can be one way to pick a focus or direction to go in. Remember to have fun with this process, and keep in mind that a name will be one of the primary ways you communicate with your new fur baby. Hopefully, our list of over 350 black dog name ideas has helped you on your path to finding the perfect moniker for your new black puppy.

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