Best Puppy Training Advice for All Puppies
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Best Puppy Training Advice for All Puppies

Best Puppy Training tips and advice.

In this Q&A dog training video, I answer several questions including:
How to Get Your Puppies Attention.
4 Month Old Malinois in Need of a Trainer.
Crate Training Tips for 2 Puppies.
Puppy Growling at My German Shepherd.

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14 Thoughts to “Best Puppy Training Advice for All Puppies”

  1. Donald Dj

    Mr.Robert, PLEASE ,PLEASE , Do all about Dog fights….. I know it’s A Touchy subject, But the People need to know, About the History. And not to give there dogs away Free, or Craigslist, Mr.Robert Please look in your heart to do this video…… God Bless

  2. Brosev the Dog

    Thanks for sharing 👍

  3. Brosev the Dog

    1:15 Goofy agreed 😆

  4. funky wolf

    How do I get my puppy to stop barking/growing at other dogs during play? He’s being friendly, body language is good but he’s just very vocal. He’s 4 moths old and goes to puppy classes and he’s very socialized.

  5. Hot Girls Video XXX

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  6. HeyJoeHaze

    Why isn’t this dated 1 2021?

  7. Hot Girls Video XXX

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  8. theAnalyst

    Without having seen the video yet, I am going to guess that Robert said “structure”.
    Now, I’ll go watch the video.

  9. IrvinBeast

    I have a Caucasian Shepherd that is now 2.5 years old and I love him to death but I want to get in to more dog sports and while my CS is well trained (trained him myself btw). He doesn’t have the drive to do those sports so I was wondering what dog would be good for me since I’ve never had a high drive dog before. If anyone in the comment section has any ideas or opinions I’d like those as well

  10. L. Lewis

    This was a particularly informative video. I was especially interested in your response to the first question about getting focus from one’s own dog. I learned that I’m actually doing something right!! My dog probably has more down time than he needs, but when I do start working with him, he’s always more than happy to do whatever I ask of him and tries his best when I’m teaching him something new. Good video Robert.

  11. Viking Dogmanship


  12. Dennis De La Vega

    Excellent advice!

  13. Francis Xyooj

    People need to hear this!

  14. 707

    Hello Mr. Robert, I just wanted to ask if your dogs are neutered. I wanted to ask this because I don’t know weather or not to neutere my 1 year old german Shepard.

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