Best Puppy Advice 4-26-21 - How to Train Your Puppy
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Best Puppy Advice 4-26-21 – How to Train Your Puppy

In this video, I address puppy owners questions including:

My Puppy is humping other dogs
Puppies and Young Children
Steps to Buying a Puppy
Crate Training Puppies

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6 Thoughts to “Best Puppy Advice 4-26-21 – How to Train Your Puppy”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Great replies as always Robert, thank you. I really need one of your caps as I have half grey and white roots withy bright red ends lol : ) . Can’t go making videos looking as I do. : ) It isn’t vanity just a mess : )

  2. Loretta Powell

    Priceless…the child is under control off leash…hahahaha

  3. Johnny Sang

    Congrats on beomg eloped my man!!

  4. sharman collins

    SOUND ADVICE …Thank you ..

  5. Gregor78

    Greetings and respect from Poland, Robert 🙂

  6. Shayla Messina

    hey how did you get where you are with your knowledge abt dogs i admire you and i want to do what you do to help dogs all around the world, did you go to college if so what did you study thanks robert you help so soo much !

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