Best Dog Trick EVER - Bring Me a BEER
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Best Dog Trick EVER – Bring Me a BEER

One of my ALL TIME favorite tricks I taught Goofy was how to Bring me a Beer from the Refrigerator.

In this video I finally teach you! There are a few parts to this to really make it work. This video is the short version that will give you all the secrets, but if you’d like to see the FULL version that will work you through more details and help you correct some possible errors, check my complete member lesson at:

You can do this. trick with any drink or almost anything from your fridge. It’s just a matter of putting the pieces together. This is a super cool trick dog skill that will impress anyone who sees it. It never fails to amuse my friends. Plus you’ll see a much version of both Goofy and me in the demonstration part of the video as I taught him this many years ago. I just recently put the lesson together – never seen before!

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36 Thoughts to “Best Dog Trick EVER – Bring Me a BEER”

  1. Robert Cabral

    So many more fun and educational video on my site:

  2. Root

    Amazing! Goofy is so intelligent and has so much learning potential.

  3. pipe-organ

    What happens if you dog learns to spell O U T 😉

  4. North American Productions

    Cool trick, but no way am I teaching my German Shepherd how to get into the fridge. I’d have no food left.

  5. Happy Dog

    40 years ago a Marine Colonel gave me this female GSD …. She wasn’t full blood and I have no idea what else she had in her) …. But Sheena was and still is the smartest dog I’ve ever had or seen.
    I could teach her to do anything in under five minutes, and the number of words and commands she knew and understood ….. well I stopped counting …..she was even bilingual lol
    This reminded me of her (not that i needed a reminder …. I’ve pics of her to this day still on my refrigerator) as I had taught her to “get Mommy a beer”.

  6. chris eisa

    Yeah dutch beer 🍻

  7. Bruno Lomeli

    Goofy: I am the most interesting dog in world and I may not drink much but when I do I drink Heineken

  8. watchmoivies123

    Oh I love that you just didn’t show us a finished product I love that you showed where he didn’t want to get it and then went in the fridge and didn’t get it you’re a wonderful trainer to let us know that things aren’t as easy as we think because we see them on the Internet and they are always the finished dog but they don’t tell us that

  9. Lydia V

    This is awsome. I’m going to do this with tonight. I’m so excited to start training her.
    Goofy is amazing

  10. Barbara Warren

    You’d better teach him how to close the door – and not to grab & hide the cheese for himself. LOL

  11. Kelvin Nyah

    Goofy: Best Belgian Malinois in the world
    Hulk : Best Pitbull in the world
    Bruce Wayne: Best Cane Corso in the world

  12. 69 JUDGE

    Robert… you see how not telling your pooch no produces much better results. Good job Robert.😎🎸

  13. Zane El Toro

    My favofite dog trick! I wish my dog would do that! Thanks Robert!! Youre the best

  14. Jack Anthony

    Be more impressed if he did a “touch ” to close the door lol

  15. Camilla Hunt

    How fun!

  16. Владимир Сенник

    У меня покойная собака порой так сильно дергала за полотенце что бы закрыть холодильник что я боялся того что двери ударившись об стол повредятся а яйца что находятся в холодильнике выпадут😁А когда собака закрывала лапами дверь то царапала их когтями.

  17. Theodore Hyatt

    Your not from JERSEY or it would have been an OLD MILWAUKEE LOL another great training exercise

  18. PaPa's Woodshop

    I love your dog. If he ever comes up missing, if I were you I would check my house first. 😉

  19. AD BC

    Thank You for the video! 🌀💚🌀

  20. Jannell Meagher

    So real. Love it.

  21. Gas Axe

    This is going to be fun.

  22. Pete Kus

    Hahaha, truly a man’s best friend 😂
    When you train your dog so you can be lazy and boost your ego in front of other people yet it’s still a training so a good thing? Feel confused as hell, but love it 😂
    Not that I’m judging. During the quarantine my dog mastered the art of picking clothes from the floor and putting them in laundry basket. Now I have a chore machine and the only thing I need to do is feed it twice a day. Highly recommended 😅

  23. A

    Nice Robert, as usual good tips sprinkled through. My dog often drops dumbbell when she sees me reaching for it, I will try do exercises petting her with it in her mouth.

  24. Bic narok

    That’s all the food in the fridge gone 🙂

  25. VOP 1997

    That’s so cool

  26. sunny grewal

    Wow! So amazing. Love your videos.

  27. Adrian Richards

    Oh Jesus my prayers are answered …….never missing another minute of a soccer match in a 3 storey house ……..

  28. R E Malm

    … Goofy is Da MAN! … 🙂 …

  29. Michael James

    That is so cool.

  30. kavita deva

    Hi Robert. This is not just a great trick. I am training this to my Service Dog in training. It’s been a game changer as I drop things and he picks the object up and brings it to me.
    Question: there is alot in this task to get it right. Does your website show what to do should they “blow it”? When you make things look so fluid and perfect, I don’t know how to correct the mishap. I wish you would show more step by step with mistakes because that’s real life. Thank You.

  31. Alanna

    Great video! Goofy is the best!

  32. Maligator Nala

    Excellent video!!! Really enjoyable! Thank you!

  33. itsme

    Just found on members section! I now have visions of a fridge full of drinks and him bringing random selections to guests. How fun!

  34. Margaret Meaker

    How did u teach him to pull the piece of material??


    Awesome, next teach him to close it behind him!

  36. Donat Milardovic

    he left the fridge open

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