Best Dog Games: Brain Training your best friends with these brain teasers

Does your dog get tired sometimes?

Keeping your guard on a wet day when he can’t play outside can be a challenge, but finding ways to capture a dog’s mind is vital if you avoid destructive behaviors from growth.

So, we’ve put together a list of super-fun games that your dog will love! You can play some of these games outside, but we’ve also included a lot of indoor flags. All you need in these games are a few basic dog games and lots of treats.

Let’s start saving!

Which hand

Playing hand games is a great way to introduce your dog to nose work, and should be done after learning them. Early commands such as chic. All you need in this game is a few tribes or your dog behaves better.

Hold a piece of treatment or cable in one hand. Place both your hands on the arm of your dog, and allow your dog to decide which hand is in charge of the treatment. Before you play this dog with your dog, you need to do some control training exercises to encourage your pet to use his teeth or claws to open his hand!

The Fl ……

Chef Steaks is a great game for outdoor games with your dog. Fl A Fl …. ick a long long long stick stick stick. is. that. end. end. end. to … fixed .. fixed .. fixed… Some kind of “greed” is attached to the end of the rope. Encourage your dog to follow greed, give your pet plenty of exercise and fun!

Chef chips are a great way to burn your dog’s extra energy and safely satisfy the hunting drive in some breeds. You can also incorporate motivational control training into an individual steak game by showing the “Allow” command.

Always allow your dog to be greedy at times so that he does not get frustrated and lose his interest in the game.

Remember that checking is the most effective game, so always start slowly and don’t overdo it. If your dog is a senior, is a dog, or has a joint or mobility issue, soft play is recommended for safety reasons.

War tag

Tug War is one of the most popular interactive dog and owner games around and being prepared to play it right, can be a great way to practice and entertain your pet.

Before you start a tug-of-war game, make sure your dog obeys the “leave” command. Do not force the rope tightly or accidentally injure your dog. Also, if your puppies become overweight and aggressive, stop playing immediately and choose a relaxed follow-up instead.

Binging games

Shaping a game is a very effective method of training your dog, let alone entertaining him. The idea here is to invest in your dog’s natural ability to learn new things.

A good way to get started is to grab a small cardboard box and place it close to your dog. As soon as your dog goes to the box, reward his curiosity with a treat. Gradually develop this attitude. Encourage your dog to put his dog in the cage, rewarding him when he does.

This indoor game is suitable for intelligent races and lends itself well to click training.


Frisbee is a great game for breeding and retrieval. It’s also the perfect sport for strength dogs who love to chase things.

Fraud is basically a sex game that can be developed by a dog catching a freak in mid-air. Always use a gentle, dog-specific trick that won’t hurt your dog if he bumps into toys.

Troubleshooting course

Dog agility is an exciting sport It is loved by many dogs and their owners around the world. Even if you have no competitive expectations, playing snail games with your dog is a great way to keep him fit and stimulate his brain as well.

You don’t need a full course of hanging power at home to have fun with your dog. Just a few pieces of smart devices and enough space outside for your dog to run and jump. Check out our detailed article to find out more about how you can participate in dog chaplaincy.

Three cup game

The Three Cup game is another great pear game that is perfect for puppy training and puppy dogs who no longer want to move around.

Take three plastic cups and place them in a line in front of your dog. First of all, treat under a cup to see your server. Then, ask him to show you what the treatment is under. When he makes the right choice, let him treat you.

Once your dog knows the game, hide the treat secretly, and wait for him to figure out where it is.

Hunting for behaviors!

Hunting for behavior is a straightforward game that any dog ​​can play. All you have to do is hide the behavior around your house in places where your dog is allowed.

Start by doing a few tricks in the opening where your dog can see them, and then make the game more challenging by hiding prizes so your dad should use his nose to find the prize.

Kang filling

Kong games are very popular with many dog ​​owners. Kong is a safe, Practically unacceptable game That even the most chosen shaver will have trouble destroying!

Eat kangaroos with ginger and butter and refrigerate overnight. Your dog will be occupied for hours trying to get treats from inside the game! This is a really useful trick that you can use to reduce your dog’s tightness and stress when you go out and leave your pet home for a while.

Bubble tracking

Bubble Tracking is a simple game that you can play with your dog. You need to use the appropriate bubbles for the dog that you can buy online. Dog bubbles are delicious and non-toxic, so your dog can eat them with no side effects. Unlike soap bubbles, dog bubbles are thick and cannot fall to the ground when they are on the surface.

Beat a few bulbs and start encouraging your dog to follow them. Most dogs love this game, especially once they realize that catching bubbles is fun!

You need to play bubble chase outside, as bubbles can leave a sticky residue on the surfaces, which can create chaos in your home.

Water games

Most dogs are water enthusiasts who like nothing more than to swim in the ocean or in the lake. Even a small animal sewing pool in your backyard can provide hours of fun for your pet and is also great for keeping them cool on a hot day. If you plan to buy a dog for water play, make sure you use a dog play that passes.

At home, garden hedgehogs can be used to create amusement games, and many dogs enjoy swimming in a water jet, trying to catch it and you both get wet in the process! If your dog doesn’t enjoy a hospice game, try arranging a drink for the dog with a gentle stream of water.

Can you pull it off?

If your dog loves to dig, it’s a great idea to have your dog dig himself. Not only will a dedicated digging box damage your garden, but it will also help meet your small request for exploration. If you have cats in the family or in your neighborhood, make sure you have a cover for the crate so that it can be used as a litter tray!

You can encourage your dog to find and eat it for your pet by planting a playable toy in it.

hide and seek

Breeding and retrieval breeds love the game of hide and seek! You need to obey your dog’s “stay” order to keep him hidden when you are hiding or waiting or ask another friend to take care of your animal while you are hiding.

Choose a hiding place that isn’t too obvious, and then allow your dog to use its sniffing and tracking ability to find you. Reward your child with kindness and appreciation when he finds you.


Even if you have limited space, you can still entertain your dog by training him. Training can be a fun way to spend time with your dog and build relationships with him, as well as improve his obedience.

Train your dog Perform simple tricks Perfect activity for a light day when you are both locked up at home. Most dogs also enjoy learning new things, as long as you enjoy the experience. Simply start with “sit down,” “stay,” and “leave,” and then move on to other hard tricks, such as “rolling,” “give a lock,” “close the door,” and so on.

If you are new to dog ownership, you may find taking your dog to dog training classes where you can learn how to train your pet and are also a great way to successfully socialize it.

Stair beads

If you live in a house that has floors, you can use this feature of your home to create a great energy-burning game for your dog. Ask your dog to move the floor so that the pressure on his back is minimal, and allow him to come back under his feet at his own pace.

To play Citricash Dash Game, choose one of your dog’s best guys. Ask your dog to sit down and stay at the top of the stairs, and then place the toy pieces on the ground above. Make the game more interesting by watching the dog wait. Try to say, “Ready, steady, go!” And then allow your dog to climb the stairs to get to the stairs.

The Stair Case Dash game is not suitable for young dogs under one year of age whose joints are soft and still growing, or for older dogs and with their existing conditions.


To play tag, you need some behavior, tag play, and collaboration.

Every man has a pocket full of tricks. Start by standing across the room from one to the other. Call your dog, and reward him with kindness and more appreciation when he comes to you. Now, call your friend the dog, as he rewards your pet as before. Then, increase the distance between you and your partner until you are both in different rooms.

The idea of ​​this game is to maximize the amount of exercise your dog does and keep it fit, so make room for tag games as a reward in exchange for time so you don’t give up all your good work!

Clean time

Instead of going through all the dog games after the dog meeting, you can move on to the game for pets.

Start by training your dog to bring a toy and throw it in your toy box. Reward your pet with treats when he gets better. Once the pen is picked up and your dog learns to play, you can distribute the toys around your home, and every time your dog finds one, he or she receives a reward.

Time management is a challenging game that is suitable for older dogs who are not good enough for most sports games.

wrap up

Dogs are intelligent, active creatures that can cope with stress and strain if there is no psychological or physical stimulus to their lives.

All the games we have included in this article make your animal a very tiring bed, and many of them will also help keep him fit and burn extra energy.

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