Belgian Malinois VS German Shepherd
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Belgian Malinois VS German Shepherd

In this episode, two of the best police dogs: Belgian Malinois VS German Shepherd. Which is more agile, the better guardian, the better worker and more let’s find out and may the best win.

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43 Thoughts to “Belgian Malinois VS German Shepherd”

  1. George King

    Love GSD but Malinois is more agile and faster on average.

  2. mga ka Belgians


  3. mga ka Belgians

    Wut medal goes to each again maybe this guy likes German shepherd more haystt

  4. TFL_GHOSTy y

    Hmm my malinois has killed 2 german shepherds i have the videos

  5. Nick P

    I’ve been professional training dogs for over 30 years. When it comes to family friend, home protection and personal all around protection, it seems I always fall back on the GSD. I’ve trained almost every breed multi times. There’s just something about the GSD that always throws it over the top. They are a special breed.

  6. Predator Gaming

    Alabai Vs Tibetan mastiff

  7. Seth Aqui

    Have you had someone who own both breeds look over this video?

  8. justin Kamonyi

    Please, for the next video CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD VS ALABAI.

  9. Melissa Monroe

    I want a Boxer but my husband & I r getting older now & can’t always handle the activity levels if the Boxer. Suggestions?

  10. Miss Jenni 5011

    Match the Rotweiller and Doberman

  11. Allen Szykula

    I have both breeds and can tell you this is seriously skewed

  12. Alexander Vásquez

    Hi virable I was asking for this match dutch shepherd vs German shepherd pls can you do it

  13. Ultimate football

    What if viralbe did a give away of real dogs I am take presa canario for sure or cane corso

  14. Salifya NG'AMBI

    Great Dane dog versus 🆚 German shepherd dog

  15. Karen Shen

    dachshund vs. gsd here are more too choose dutch shepherd vs.gsd pitbull vs. gsd

  16. The Game

    Both breeds are amazing, I’ve had both. It’s like comparing a Bugatti to a Ferrari, they’re just amazing. Some history, the Dutch, German, and Belgian Shepherd/Mal all use to be the European Shepherd dog 150 years ago, same breed pretty much before humans started tinkering with them.

  17. Isaiah Larkin

    Great pyrenees English mastiff

  18. M T

    Belgian is far more intelligent, you need to engage it’s mind- can live in an apartment

  19. Max coutts young

    i think next mach dogo argintino vs cane corso

  20. Andrej


  21. Katelyn Ramirez

    Golden retriever vs Labrador retriever

  22. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🇮🇶Baghdad 💞

  23. jromsutil28

    Jack russel terrier vs Dachshund

  24. Tiffany Samone

    Kuvas vs Great Pyrenees

  25. Reem playz

    I enjoyed it

  26. Pradip Bhoye

    Cane corso and presa canario

  27. Michelle beckwith

    Now we just need Dutch Shepard against gsd

  28. Pradip Bhoye

    Kangal and alabai

  29. Akash A

    German shepherd vs Poodle

  30. Tony Stark

    Next Caucasian shepherd and Sharplaninatz

  31. Michael Bodamer

    Belgian Malinois vs
    Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael)

  32. JEMY JEM

    Doberman and Rottweiler

  33. Sureni Sandamali

    tibetan mastiff vs caucasian shepherd

  34. ThugLife

    Malinois = ninja
    GSD = samurai

  35. Pratik Sonawane


  36. Matic Letonja

    do krast sheperd and sarplanic


    Damn this is a good one 💪

  38. PH CHAU

    Kangal molosslus dog

  39. Devin Johnson

    Pitbull vs dogo Argentino

  40. Animal Movie and show clips

    Next video Cavalier King Charles spaniel vs cocker spaniel

  41. Poof

    We’ve all been waiting for this one

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