Belgian Malinois VS Cane Corso
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Belgian Malinois VS Cane Corso

In this episode, we’re presenting… The winner of our last battle against the Doberman… The Belgian Malinois!!! The guarding champion… This time against a more challenging opponent… The Cane Corso!!! An Italian Mastiff breed… More dominant, bigger in size, scarier in appearance… But will that make them win this battle? Only a way to find out… Let the battle begin… The Belgian Malinois VS the Cane Corso.

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38 Thoughts to “Belgian Malinois VS Cane Corso”

  1. Google Account

    I been a dog guy my whole life I’ve owned many breeds I got a pit a cane corso a chow and an akit as I type this. I pronounce cane corso how he does and never met anyone in real life who doesn’t idc how it’s supposed to be said just cause you heard some YouTube videos the past couple years does not make you experts here in the comments. Good video

  2. Amir dope

    Vs a kangal or a sarabi dog

  3. Dakshina Nipun

    Cane corso ❤️🔥

  4. Kathleen Karsten

    It’s hard to take you seriously when you can’t even pronounce Cane Corso. It’s not “kane” like candy cane, it’s “kahh nay” Corso. Like “ahh” as in Ah Ha! Don’t believe me? See what the American Kennel Clubhouse says, or Westminster Dog Show.

  5. Pervaiz Ajram

    Cane corso may weigh twice as much as a belgian malinois but belgian malinois is twice the dog.

  6. Oven Made Edits

    Do Bull terrier vs Staffordshire terrier

  7. eric mcgrath

    Please try to pronounce Cane the way it should be done. Being American is not an excuse

  8. grootman_style

    put it against a AmStaff

  9. COG

    Nothing can beat a German Shepherd
    Malinois vs Gsd

  10. onyxx

    Dogo Argentino should be next

  11. Melvin Chavers

    Cane Corso💀💀💀

  12. Karen Shen

    Nothing can beat the German Shepherd even the belgian malinois the German Shepherd won every round make more beigian videos

  13. Andrei Vitelaru

    This dog will dethrone any other dog until he will face pitbull, that will be the final battle and i honestly think it will be fair to be a draw I swear.
    GG to the breed on another level .
    And GG to the cane as well.
    P.S: mals better guard dogs than any other breed aswell but that doesn’t matter anymore

  14. Dušan Davidović

    I have corso, lovely dog, guarding and also very trainable if u spend some time with them.

  15. Maireg Kibru

    Are the belgians malino releted to afruucan wild dogs b/c of their high energy

  16. Dany Bou Fakher

    What about German Shepherd

  17. Laci Budai

    Boerboel vs central asian shepherd



  19. Manii

    Compare the Mal to a a Dutch shepherd

  20. Manii

    I disagree with him Cane Corso are more healthy

  21. Darius Farrell

    Malinois vs German shepherd

  22. Guy G Hopkins

    What about the Rotti vs the Cane Corso?

  23. Darvel Lewis

    Border collie vs Belgian malinois

  24. Darvel Lewis

    Kangal vs great prynees

  25. Patricia Sandoval

    make a siberian husky vs belgian malinois

  26. Cemal Caliskan

    Cane Corso 👍👍

  27. Kevin loutan

    Malinois never loses


    Do rottweiler and cane corso

  29. smart auto service


  30. Kaleb Green

    Put him up against the pitbull in the next video!

  31. Gemini Rising

    Ah! My two favorite breeds 🌺

  32. miles loves bagelsandtoast

    I freaking love dogs can you do pitbull vs rottweiler

  33. nut is dangerous

    Video idea:Belgian Malinois vs rottweiler

  34. Adarie Pennant

    Can you imagine the cross-breed with both would be a dangerous hybrid.

  35. EL LOCIC ✓

    best guard dog for new owners another video

  36. Lea Gilmore

    KAH-nay Corso. Thanks for the video

  37. PerfectMMA

    Dogs are the best

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