Basic Dog Obedience TRAINING Q&A
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Basic Dog Obedience TRAINING Q&A

In this video, I answer 3 different questions about dog obedience training basic issues. These questions include:

Are distractions disobedience?
How to introduce your dog to an elevated platform such as the KLIMB?
Is my dog being dominant because he rolls on the ball instead of bringing it back to me?

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9 Thoughts to “Basic Dog Obedience TRAINING Q&A”

  1. Perfect Weather

    Great video, thanks

  2. Hector's Kmetija

    I have notifications on but I keep missing it live 😭

  3. Doug H. in VA

    a dog is not a human… it is close to a wolf or fox or coyote…. stop pretending a dog is like us….

  4. Evan

    “ I would correct Janet too” 😂😂

  5. Alysani01

    How do I correct fence aggression/fence fighting? my neighbor has two little mini poodle looking dogs that have dug holes under the fence and even ripped small holes in the fence. we put rocks and dirt over the holes and even staples outdoor carpet all along the fence so they cant see eachother. my terrier dog is very protective of the backyard and if he is off leash he will also try to dig under the fence or try to chew through the fence, once he is off leash and surfing the fence i typically cant get him back unless i get multiple people to corner him. its now to the point where the dogs on the other side wont even be at the fence making noise but he will hyper-focus the fence and just charge and growl on leash when there is nothing to be growling at. thankfully that only happens about %40 of the time and most of the time he will ignore the fence with a simple leash correction, but then there is the issue that he can never be off leash in my own yard. he knows recall but once he is fence surfing he is too far gone to get his attention. how do I even begin to fix this?

  6. GoopFN

    I am about to get a dog. What do you think Is a good way for them to trust me. Training? Just being with them?

  7. Kristine Sliwa

    Robert, thanks for sharing all your experience with us, I just signed up for your members section. My brother just got a puppy, and I’ve been watching it while he goes to work bc I was just laid off. Your tips have helped make sense of dogs! ☺️ it’s a lot to navigate a new little German Shepard puppie’s training

  8. Ivan Aliev

    Well, I have similar problem. My dog almost never listen to me when we are out of home. He is 11 months old and really dont know how to make him pay attention to me… Robert has videos about it but they are not same. Which one should i use? I can’t release him because he doesn’t come back to me. So that’s why he can’t run and fun freely… Am I late to teach that to him? I’m desperate right now…

  9. CEE Cee Collins

    That’s why I love Lowe’s and Home Depot and tractor supply. A lot of distractions

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