Banning Dog Training Tools - Prong Collars, Treadmills, E-Collars, Flirt Poles - Podcast Episode 47
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Banning Dog Training Tools – Prong Collars, Treadmills, E-Collars, Flirt Poles – Podcast Episode 47

Banning dog training tools is very common in many countries and hopefully, the USA won’t follow suit.

Recently the AKC stepped in to support dogs and dog trainers when a municipality was trying to ban some tools very commonly used to train dogs (flirt poles and treadmills) when it was incorrectly stated that these tools are used for training dogs to fight.

That might be the case, but these tools are also used to train dogs in many other capacities. Dog food is used to feed dogs who fight, we certainly can’t outlaw dog food in hopes to eradicate dogfighting.

I discuss this in detail in this podcast as well as other things. Also fun and informative… Join me if you really love dogs and what’s best for them!

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15 Thoughts to “Banning Dog Training Tools – Prong Collars, Treadmills, E-Collars, Flirt Poles – Podcast Episode 47”

  1. terrierized immortalized

    Speaking of treadmills, this is a great opportunity to promote aqua therapy. My dear old boy has just torn his cruciate ligament and will maybe be looking to do this when the pain has settled 🙂

  2. haroldo Bolonga

    if they want to help the dog fighting situation, put restrictions on dog parks lol.

  3. Shana Karlsen

    Europe has all these bans. In Sweden, if u crate your dog, u can’t close the door!!!
    Put it this way, we don’t want to go THAT way!!
    Europe has socialized medicine, u have to wait 6 months just to get an MRI, so how is that working for them??? The people with money come here to get treatment!!
    We CANNOT follow European laws, we are AMERICAN’S!!!
    If people stand together against these ridiculous rules, i.e. start petition, testify in Congress (especially, people like you) and take it to the courthouse steps, we can keep our training tools.
    Robert, u should show the lawmakers how a prong collar works, how an e-collar works etc. Best of all, we elect our public officials. Let them know they will not be reelected if they don’t listen to their constituents 😠Power to the people and the people do have the power to say, but out, shut up and stay in your lane!!

  4. Doug H. in VA

    the one piece of ‘stuff’ used by all dog fighters is money. They do it for money and status among themselves. Stop the money and make a crime cost a lot will stop it. I briefly met the couple who ran the rehab of the Vick dogs and all were rehomed and rehabbed. The dogs were not the problem… they were the victims and criminals were the problems. Mike Vick owned the property and had responsibility and money to ensure no crimes were done on his property and he did not.

  5. LittleNinjai

    Great advice once again. Thank you for doing your part and educating us during this time. It’s beyond helpful.

  6. Jennifer Pepler

    Awesome podcast Robert (that was a podcast right? Lol I am not up to date with technology)! I couldn’t have said it better myself or agreed more with your comments! I have to say Robert, I love how you have an opinion on something and you have no problem telling people what it is, regardless of whether agree with you or not! It’s your opinion and you don’t beat around the Bush! I know exactly where you stand. I love a man with backbone! Thanks for the video!

  7. Roux Chat

    It’s not the tool. It’s the method and reason inwhich the tool is implemented.

  8. J K

    I had no idea flirt poles were controversial. My new puppy loves it. I’m not making him jump or anything stupid. I just like using it over a tug, because I don’t accidentally get bit, I don’t have to bend over, and he can’t run away with the toy. If we spend 10-15 minutes playing tug I get 3 hours of peace and quiet. Play with him at witching hour, and it avoids all that nonsense.

    As always great stuff, Robert! You should run for office!

  9. Shana Karlsen

    Hi Robert, I was only able to see u live once or twice. You said 12 noon every day, if I remember correctly. Can u please say again what your schedule is for podcasts and videos? P.S. I’m just starting to train a Westie for elderly couple. As I have never trained this breed before, can u give me any special tips that would work very well for this specific breed? Thank u, for all the help that u are giving us during lockdown

  10. Karen L

    Very interesting podcast, since joining your member section I have learned so much from you regarding dog training tools and the correct way to use them. One of the questions was regarding a nervous dog, my GSD girl is not overly confident not a shaking in boots girl but certainly the least confident dog I have ever had. Since joining your site last summer and following your guidance she and I have improved so much she is a clever girl who knew the basics but by taking it to a more in-depth level her confidence and very importantly my confidence has grown so thank you for all your help you have made such a difference to our relationship. Joining your membership family was a game changer for us thank you Robert and Janet keep up the great work guys x

  11. Teardown Dan

    I’d imagine that the most useful pieces of dog fighting training equipment would be in the same spectrum as what gets used in protection and K9 unit training. Banning everything they have in common is bound to create more problems than it solves… as regulation often tends to do.

  12. Mystiek Melody

    Exactly! Your comparison of collars = abuse and guns = crime therefore getting rid of those things will get rid of abuse and crime, is spot on! And yeah, that would be the same people who believe, and push for those two things.

  13. Jay Vincent

    I’m gonna go ahead and guess Mr. Cabral is conservative politely. 👍🏼

  14. Tunveer Mangat

    Loved this one, your train of thought here was extemely clear and concise.

  15. N7Mith

    It’s a bit off topic, but me and my dog have developed this game that I’ve started calling flirt-ball. Instead of a flirt-pole I put a tennisball in a throwing stick, and she has to get it out. I move it around just like a flirt-pole, but it’s a very nice game to play in between throws. It’s become my favorite game because my dog can win without me letting her. It’s also great to train reaction time, precision, restraint (after building up her drive) and agility.

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