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8 Thoughts to “BADASS GUARD DOGS ☠ #shorts”

  1. Marq

    Why put a presa Canario in the intro and not put it on the list?

  2. Paul -Wade- Hampton

    Cutest precious Lil ones ! O_K *”German Shepherd / The king”* fair enough”!…lbs 120 for American to German ones 146 lbs, still… you just got *”Super natural REAL German wolf”* on me…. Lol, fair enough & the full size 100 lbs Doberman Pinscher’s that don’t back down, & run head first without any fear at all” that look forward to war like a cake walk & is a superb friendly well snout & doesn’t come back period, unless mission is complete, devil dogs, Hoorah” sorry” had to state that”! Hmmmm here’s another education, protective reasons, common sense, get the one that is trusted by its characteristics & nature, how it presents itself & acts”, for it’s personality, it can develop all on its own” it’s OWN character but is highly INFLUENCED by it’s owners / masters that teach & tend to it, / raise it”!…. With this said, every single beast has potential” but it’s only STRICTLY nature of the beast that is exactly what it is”…. I’ve seen a bull Mastiff Mixed with a rottweiler, every bit of 180 lbs solid muscle, & fast & smart, was TERRIFIED of a legitimate Russisian Purlou or As they call it, a Pershing Mixed Asian mountain lion cat that’s tiny” very small cat breed, the cat gripped for it’s life to it’s muzzle ambushing it from a *”BUSH”* had neighbors” being asked to get there cat off of the oversized dog” but I found something important”, the dog that could tear you apart was sadly scarred for *””LIFE””* from that lil kitten”!… Terrified of kittens now” No jokes, VERY sad” …this is nature of the *””BEAST”””* that is like a Bager or it’s counter partner, the wolverine”, that scares daily grizzlies without question, & not to mention, having worked with assistance to zoos & even wild life nature & I’m telling you there’s a reason I say this”…. Trust facts, it’s like the case I shut down where they were slaughtering Corsa Toras dogs / smaller breed of the original hyens 57 breed created over 100 yrs ago called a pitbull”, <:""{ by dropping those 15 precious baby's with such soft tearable tight flesh / skin that gets ripped to easily" over a wolf species any days of the week that has 3 times dens fur & flexible tissue of flesh way more durable & capable, they sent the dogs into a suicide pit 😭with one starved hyena" sad how they 😢the MONSTERS did this"!..... They even let the hyena eat & crap in the pit they kept it in"! Sadder they took & grabbed 4 Hyena's & put it into a pit later case against a tiny starved badass a grey wolf that they BEAT ALMOST TO DEATH" that killed them hyenas quickly slitting the throats with it's fangs, one by one quickly snapping while swinging around it's body viciously tearing them apart, but LUCKILY WE SAVED the wolf & Moma hyena that was the original animals, in time, & it was sad this discovery, I worked with a friend who reported this INSANE ACT i doubted could even exist" ....*""MONSTERS""*.... they did"""..... This.... The nature of the beast !...;"{ Sick ! Sad ! Just awful"""! Am still SCARRED for life emotionally but it doesn't effect me one bit, not at all, just it's so sad & DEPRESSING, & about this event I've had to experience, the folks who told me what was going on, I had to spy in on it to even know what was going on man... Didn't BELIEVE a word but had to take time & check into it, just to see what over dramatical statements meant & if any of it even was going on... Well it was worse than I even had imagined man""!.... Sad.... But the morons / *""MONSTERS""* are in prison for life for animal cruelty & many other charges I can only imagine" & hope for"!... Anyway's, facts about beast from kittens to dogs to all different walks of life", but I have something to state though, you need to be very careful what you own & treat it well & make sure you take very good care of it & make for certain that it has all of its necessities & health concerns met before even thinking of owning it / getting one"!... Remember it's another life form your taking into your LIFE" & tending to"!.... Enough said on that mouth full"!.... Thanks for posting the short clip Sir" God bless you & all who EXIST / sees" & hoping your all taking very good care"!... *"That goes to all 7.9 BILLION who EXIST"* ! Thank you"! Respectfully, / Sincerely. Signed : This soul. Paul Wade Hampton~

  3. Omar Opqhe



    Anyways where’s my cane corso family at 💪💪


    Or were we last 😅😂🤦‍♂️


    Let’s go baby number ☝️

  7. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher

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