Avi Cohen Schutzhund IPO Champion - Training and Competing in IPO - EP.75
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Avi Cohen Schutzhund IPO Champion – Training and Competing in IPO – EP.75

When it comes to Schutzhund (IPO or IGP) Avi Cohen has been around for a long time and has lots of great stories to share.

We talk about the evolution of the sport, how IPO differs in national and international competitions, what are the best dogs for protection and how it differs in training them.

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Avi had competed throughout the US and internationally.

He is well known and well respected in the sport.

His journey covers many decades and if you love German Shepherds, the protection sports, and its evolution, you’ll love this podcast.

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15 Thoughts to “Avi Cohen Schutzhund IPO Champion – Training and Competing in IPO – EP.75”

  1. Kfier Cohen

    Enjoyed the podcast great job Avi!

  2. terrierized

    Thanks Robert, Avi really is one animated character! Sometimes tricky to understand, but he’s just so vibrant and relatable. Lots of laughing here! BTW I’m really enjoying the in person interviews

  3. kmalone1996

    beautiful podcast. Love him explaining relationships between dog and owner around 40:00 mins in. Thank you for bringing him on!

  4. Jan

    Veery interesting and educational! I have no interest in dog sports, but an average dog, a normal handler and a proper e-collar positive stimulation makes great happy dogs and owners, no matter the breed.👍

  5. graham chafe

    a very interesting man I only wish I knew him

  6. Daniel Stover

    Wow! Another great interview.. Love where this train is heading. Thanks for giving us access to such great talent. Keep it coming…

  7. EDog

    His dog Fury will give you the pucker factor for sure! I had to ride from LA to San Jose with Fury riding free in the back seat the entire trip. Let’s just say I almost pooped my pants on more than one occasion. Definitely a special dog! In any other hands he would never have flourished to be the dog he is today!

  8. EDog

    AVI!!!! What a character! This interview wild ride full of amazing personality! Dog stories and experiences sprinkled with solid life lessons. Another great podcast!

  9. Champions Kennel

    Avi reminds me of one of my uncles , real stand up guy from the old school era 💪

  10. Frane

    Love your podcasts Robert! I’m annoyed you have audio only on Spotify and have to go to Youtube for Video…are you getting video to Spotify any time soon? Cheers!

  11. Vito Diamico

    Great episode, Robert! I trained and competed with Avi in the early to mid 90’s. I last spoke with him a few years back at the SW Sch Championships in Valley Center, CA. Still, a really solid guy throughout.

  12. Gry Clsn

    Really enjoyed Avi’s storytelling. Great podcast, Robert!

  13. Sumadool Peep

    thank you for this podcast! is there a possibility if you could list the people that were mentioned in this talk? (involved in the dog sport world, in particular the german guy with handling of his mal that impressed Avi)

  14. Mark Ferrasci

    Avi is Da Man. Well respected in the sport and quite a character. Great job with your interviews Robert. Keep up the good work.

  15. Ramón Pérez


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