Anti Poaching Dogs in Africa - Jay Crafter Invictus k9 pt 2
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Anti Poaching Dogs in Africa – Jay Crafter Invictus k9 pt 2

Jay Crafter from Invictus K9 is back talking some great dog stories from the bush of Africa. The amazing journey’s that Jay has been on in his lifesaving conservation work throughout Africa. He shares some funny stories, some arrowing and some heroic…. they are all super fascinating.

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Dogs really are a super powerful weapon against poachers whether taking them down or just tracking and finding them. Jay locates them, trains them, and deploys them. He’s a cool and super interesting guy, I think you’re gonna love him!

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9 Thoughts to “Anti Poaching Dogs in Africa – Jay Crafter Invictus k9 pt 2”

  1. Dreamgaits

    Dogs with meaningful jobs, win win!

  2. Hawkeye

    Another great show. Nice follow up to part 1

  3. Settings Settings

    This motivates me to get more involved in dog training. i just graduated from university with a degree in geography and environmental studies as well as my pilots license. i would love to combine this with my passion for dog training with my degree and pilots license in environmental conservation work.

  4. OdysseusCentral

    It’s amazing how dogs have changed the conservation game in Africa. If you think about it it’s almost exactly similar to the man hunting dogs in the military. And on a separate note: please don’t feed your dogs raw food diets; it’s extremely dangerous.

  5. Monica Patterson

    Robert this was great! Jay, thank you for all you do for God’s creatures. ( Love the painting 🐾)

  6. Jack Anthony

    I think instructer zero is already in Africa helping the anti poachers. Find a new AO.

  7. Donald Dj

    Mr. Robert, Always loving your videos. 2022 is your Year. Can’t wait to you go live again.🙏

  8. Peter

    Awesome great pets police Dog kg9 training great lnterview.

  9. Duncan Willis

    Listening to this early this morning while running with the dogs. Amazing as always. What Jay is doing is incredible. Brilliant content Robert, thank you.

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