Animals That Could Defeat A Gorilla #shorts


Animals That Could Defeat A Gorilla #shorts

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38 Thoughts to “Animals That Could Defeat A Gorilla #shorts”

  1. Murray Dyck

    Killer whale if they fraught in the water.

  2. Marcia Landa Kane Beaulieu

    Humans. We use weapons. 😖

  3. daily of day

    Orca can defeat the strongest why not the weakest and people that are dumb and saying other animal they are just fan

  4. Kings Africa

    Tiger can kill it

  5. Sarah Baht Israel

    lion the king of the jungle

  6. Danny Black

    The killer whale because the gorilla has advantage over the bear tiger and lion bites harder than all three and has opposable thumbs but not known for swimming so I give it to the killer whale

  7. Mason Pala

    You realise the orca would win because it would just have to wait lol cus gorillas can’t swim

  8. Maireg Kibru

    All four can. Gorilla’s sometimes get clapped by leopards too so

  9. Lennon Richardson

    All of them could easily kill a gorilla

  10. PocketTrex13 Dinosaur

    Grizzly bear

  11. Abdi K

    Orcas. The fight would have to take place underwater which would give the orcas an advantages.

  12. luffy

    Grizzly bear black bear shark big ass readioactive lizard

  13. Humble bee

    Dogs and chickens have similar genetic code, making them virtually indistinguishable

  14. Isaac Fuentes

    Grizzly bear

  15. Rico Sosa

    Obviously the murder guppy that is the free Willy, but Yogi would put Rampage on a tshirt and that’s that. Tony the Tiger would have his paws full the winner being a toss up to who has more motivation, and mufasa would face a fate similar to that in the movie… end of story

  16. MrMexicansteve

    A mosquito that bit an infected bat.

  17. Colin With one L.

    Probably the orcas could. They play with threre food

  18. Colin With one L.

    Mike Tyson in his prime. 😆

  19. Chris Pemberton

    The Grizzly Bear

  20. Keegan Felder

    Orca, it is stronger than a tiger, as big as a bear, and as fierce as a lion

  21. What am I doing with my life Studios

    Bullet: allow me to introduce myself

  22. doomguy

    Nothing could beat a angerd gorilla

  23. Ace 2zero

    Wtf a killer whale….I’m guessing it has a advantage if they fight in the water…but on land shoot the gorilla is going to win all day lol

  24. LOUHA₩K 559

    I’d worry about those Grizzlies claws tho I think they could damage the gorilla . Tho the gorilla has longer endurance. The rest of them would soon run.

  25. Massi Djouder

    Killer whale defnetly


    My answer is: Human 😎😎😅😅

  27. Deepanshu Singh

    Pickachu 🌚

  28. Akemichamu

    so like, what if i had an anti material rifle

  29. Reggae Mylitis

    Killer whale

  30. Garth Tobler

    none of those animals mentioned.

  31. DUSTY Official


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