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“An electric collar is a wonderful tool if you know what you’re doing!” #dogtraining #dogtrainer

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28 Thoughts to ““An electric collar is a wonderful tool if you know what you’re doing!” #dogtraining #dogtrainer”

  1. matthew A

    One group of people supporting the use of shock collar that is normally overlooked are the owners with a disabilities. Not everyone has the facilities to physically or verbally interact during training.

  2. Jan Hankins

    I agree with Zak. You don’t need to inflict pain to teach a dog something. And the people who say shock collars “don’t hurt”, if the don’t hurt, then they won’t work. Pain is the entire idea behind them–pain is the point. Pain is used to suppress behavior.

  3. ᶻᶦᵃʸˡᵃ🧐

    200% TRUEEEEEE

  4. Devlyn Jane

    The only time I saw an electric shock collar used where I thought it could be okay was rattlesnake aversion training. Maybe I’m wrong in that but it seemed pretty important depending on where you live. We have no harmful snakes where I live and I wouldn’t use the collar for anything else

  5. Tony Gray

    Rather than doing videos like this why don’t these guys show us them working with serious aggression/reactive dogs

  6. Ambi Cahira

    I have a dog that is close to Veronicas age that is in a very barky impulsive mood lately and I know a lot of people would be eager to punish it away but I’ve experienced enough “yappy” teen dogs by now to tell that she will outgrow most of this impulsive barking no matter if I work on reinforcing silence or not. I’m more careful to not reinforce the barking than I am mindful to reinforce the silence. To brag about her she is nearly fantastic to groom (besides the ugh this sitting still thing is boring), home alone training is going fantastic and her recall is like shot out of a cannon! She is started on retrieval training and will be such a fun badass cavapoo by the time she has matured some more! Thunderstorms are also no biggie for this baddie. ❤

  7. Agility Bits

    The use of shock collars is going to be illegal in England from 1st February 2024. It’s been illegal in Wales for several years. Hopefully Scotland and Northern Ireland will follow suit.

  8. Katie Russell

    I never used the shock, but the vibration and beep. I used it more as a “come” instead of yelling for my dog. First low vibrate, then the audible beep if he didn’t seem to feel that. Moreso when he’d run and leave the yard, or when I knew he went to an area of the house I didn’t trust him alone at.

  9. Miss The-Target

    WHY do you keep saying it’s pain!!!? It’s gentler than nudging on the lead!!!! If you keep saying that people who KNOW what they’re doing are SHOCKING their dog, you have no idea what an electric collar IS!

  10. Fuzzycuzzy

    I’ve been attempting to use a collar that ‘vibrates’ to help me with recall for my deaf dog. Are these collars banned as well?

  11. Immortan Bob

    A clip in which Zack makes an argument parroting junk research and logical fallacies.

  12. Here This

    Also , what the people who use shock and other electric collars don’t realize : If they go from “outside in” , instead from the “inside out” , they might need more and more upgrading of this “training tool” .

  13. Here This

    Finally !!!! IF people know how to train the dog , they don’t need it . Many answer me “But , If…..” . But there is no “but” and no “if” . And also : as soon as a dog gets aggressive , the training ( or trainer ) was extremely wrong ! Thank You for this short , Zak !!!!! 🥰

  14. Laura Benevelli

    Most people don’t know what they’re doing though. That is the problem. They either over use it or don’t use it appropriately.

  15. Anonymous User

    And some dogs don’t respond to getting shocked. Like my American bulldog and others like it, when they’re in their protection mode pain is blocked out until they are relaxed enough again. Mine is the biggest baby in the world until she’s in protection mode and feels nothing until afterwards.

  16. Anonymous User

    My dog’s collar also has a sound warning button if you want them to be warned before using the shock function. Although sometimes negative reinforcement is necessary and works better. Like chasing wild animals or cars and going off property by themselves. As always negative reinforcement should be a last resort.

  17. Jen Kirby

    I have had problem dogs but I have never even considered using a shock collar. I observe the dog and use creativity to solve the problem. In the case of the dog that panicked every time he saw anything coloured black my artist friend was inspired to blow up a black bin liner and play balloons with it.

  18. Scott Jacoby

    Do you have any videos about destructive behavior in dogs? Particularly older puppies (around 7mo). My pup is smart and strong enough to bust open the gate to his pen, and gets access to the rest of the house and winds up getting into the trash, ripping up mail/papers left on a table, etc. When we leave him outside by himself, he chews and rips up the rattan/wicker patio furniture cardboard boxes I leave out to put in recycling, etc.

    I feel like we give him plenty of toys, games, and chew things to keep him occupied, but he would prefer to rummage and tear up our things instead of his own. He spends 90% of his day out of the pen with the ability to roam the main areas of the house, but when we leave him alone, we’ll often come back seeing something he got into that I need to clean up.

    Any and all help will be great!

  19. jdrankwalter

    Again, a shock collar combines clicker training (reward based) with vibrate/shock (corrective based) in a collar you can use from 50 feet away…

  20. jdrankwalter

    Zak is selling you a lie!

  21. Austin Fanning

    You don’t really need to you just need to show alpha dominance dogs respond to pack leaders and if you are not a strong pack leader well

  22. Ach Julchen

    Amen ❤

  23. TheDoctors Whovian

    Well said! If a trainer feels they have to use these, or any aversive tool for that matter, they clearly know nothing about dogs or training. Plus, if they aren’t willing to adapt their style to where the science leads, it isn’t about training dogs for them. It’s about having power and control over something else…humane training practices have been shown to be superior training tools and better for dog welfare! I don’t understand how trainers/owners can compromise their relationship with their dog and risk causing emotional distress. A “quick fix” is never the best option!

  24. Sonny

    What about the wife.. Asking for a friend. 😂

  25. animallover100

    Thank you Zak for being a voice for dogs to stand up for their well being. 👍❤🐕

  26. Daadaa

    100% agree with you. I will never understand ppl who use shock collars. The reasoning doesn’t make sense it’s just like when ppl try to justify cutting a dogs ears. Big no from me. I’m glad it’s illegal here in Europe.

  27. 🌟anahera0akley🌟

    Also your smart

  28. 🌟anahera0akley🌟

    this comment is minty fresh

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