Amstaff VS Pitbull
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Amstaff VS Pitbull

Ranked as two of the most aggressive and dangerous dogs, They’re the most misunderstood canine breeds of all, Tough and intimidating at the surface, A softer side shows when they’re within the family, They’re the most loving and gentle companions, and a favored among families… Often mistaken for one another, and similar in many ways… What makes one better than the other? Which one is smarter, stronger, and a better companion?
In this episode: Amstaff VERSUS Pitbull With an almost identical appearance, there are some traits that distinguish them from one another.
The Pitbull is taller and with a more athletic appearance and a longer muzzle while the Amstaff is shorter but heavier with a bulky appearance and a slightly shorter muzzle. A big giveaway is the Amstaff always has a black nose while Pitbull can have it in red or in black.

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29 Thoughts to “Amstaff VS Pitbull”

  1. Atlas Playz

    Cane corso vs dogo Argentino

  2. beast bodies lifestyle.

    Pitbulls look better anyways…

  3. Tr Vlogs Car Life

    Most smart dogs are stubborn look at the Husky.

  4. Djsupa Gordon

    Pitbull is better than amstaff

  5. Ziitrix

    amstaff is a stonger pitbull

  6. Adrian Struys

    They are both stealers of Hearts and Goof Balls

  7. Lowkey Official

    Americans Stafford, is the best in fight assist

  8. Justin Navarro

    Australian cattle dog vs Belgian Mallinois

  9. Diego Oliveros

    Not a single American pitbull terrier was shown in this video


    Can’t wait for the honey badger vs videos

  11. MrSuperJay

    Too many “points for each” in these versus videos

  12. Xiangjin Wang

    border collie vs german shepherd please thanks

  13. kourtney riggs

    I diss agree

  14. Joginder Singh 1980

    Roman Rottweiler dog make a video

  15. Kevin Young

    If you don’t know your dogs other side you don’t know your dog

  16. Neo Count

    Add an attack on people category

  17. April Uplinger

    I had to get rid of my pit bull because my landlord was afraid she would bite some one. I am disabled and live alone. Brownie was my best friend, my physical therapist, my protector, and my motivator. I miss her horribly. Anyone who says bully breeds aren’t good dogs need to get to know them. I’d take one over a little yippy, little dog any day.

  18. Nick Carlo YT

    How to differ an apbt to an amstaff? Apbt is a bull terrier in a greyhounds body.

  19. Mica Frixie R. Rosas

    i hope next video is american bully vs pitbul


    Thanks,,, but they look like similar… 🐾


    Simillar though…

  22. Blue Amstaff

    they are the same dog but amstaff is recognized by FCI AND ENCI, the pitbull only by the ENCI

  23. Utkarsh Prasad

    Amazing video

  24. Lee Sin Sin

    Can you do 1 of this match in the next video please, thank you
    1: german shepherd vs Belgium shepherd
    2: golden retriever vs Labrador retriver
    3: wolf vs dingo
    4: lion vs tiger
    5: cheetahs vs leopard
    6: brown grizzly bear vs polar bear

  25. Lakeisha Brumfield


  26. Kapsulainen

    Omg! I have been waiting this so much!

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