Alabai VS Kangal - Which is Stronger ?
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Alabai VS Kangal – Which is Stronger ?

So, in this episode, two of the strongest dogs in the world: ALABAI VS KANGAL. Which is stronger, more tolerant, a better guardian, and more, let’s find out. and MAY THE BEST WIN.

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50 Thoughts to “Alabai VS Kangal – Which is Stronger ?”

  1. Bruno Fernandes

    Tibetan mastiff vs cacausian shepherd or american bully vs american mollossus ▪︎▪︎ plz ¤¤

  2. skaixx

    The kangal is a shepherd?

  3. Icyhot Cutz

    I stopped watching after everyone gets a medal

  4. Gian Luiz Diaz

    Request content:husky vs german shepherd


    Ok ok 💪💪

  6. Ilic Bojan

    Old Englisch Bulldog VS American Bulldog💪

  7. Dewayne Logan

    basset hound vs beagle

  8. justice jumbo

    English mastiff vs Neapolitan mastiff

  9. Allen X

    No officer I did not kill that man, I have an Alabai. The Alabai killed him not me.

  10. Mark Stephenson

    German Shepherd vs kangal

  11. Mark Stephenson

    German Shepherd v
    s Kangel

  12. Muhammad Haris Azeemi

    make a video Kangal Vs Pakistani Bully Kutta

  13. justin Kamonyi

    Husky vs Alaska Malamut

  14. PantherCrane

    Toss – Inu vs Bandog next please?

  15. Chalo Ng'ambi

    Videos of mixed breed dogs 🐕

  16. Krzysztof Krzysztof

    Kangal vs bandog. Go

  17. Max coutts young

    Kangal vs German shepherd

  18. kashief paulse

    A borbel vs rottweiler

  19. BC Country Guy

    Beauceron vs German Shepherd

  20. Vartan Tutundjian

    Gampr vs kangal

  21. Damian Gutierrez

    The dog that shows on the right side is not a Kangal it is a Anatolian Shepherd. The American kennel club says that Kangal is another name for the Anatolian Shepherd which is not true. The Turkish Boz Shepherd is actually more larger than the Kangal. If you ever seen videos or images of a bald man with a very large dog that you think it’s a Kangal well it’s not because it’s a Turkish Boz Shepherd. His name is Jesika VanFossen he’s the breeder of Boz shepherds in the US & he also breeds and imports them from Turkey.

  22. Trantorul X

    Next video : Caucasian ovcharca vs Carpathian Shepherd dog !


    Belgium melinoa vs rottweiler

  24. Yuvraj Pihal

    Bulldog vs old English bulldog ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Yuvraj Pihal

    Pitbull vs old English bulldog 🔥🔥

  26. Yuvraj Pihal

    Bull terrier vs American pitbull 🔥❤️

  27. Trantorul X

    I love them ! I have a couple of kangal and one of rottweilers ! I love both , they are very friendly with those from home and with all my friend who are know them since they were puppies !

  28. Cooper Dillhoff

    Megalodon vs Mosasaurus

  29. TFL_GHOSTy y

    Malinois vs doberman

  30. PizzaBoy Tubular

    Do Newfoundland vs Great Pyrenees

  31. Chrystal Sabin

    YAY Kangal. Compare the Kangal vs Caucasian Shepherd.

  32. Akhilesh Oberoi

    Cane Corso vs Rottweiler

  33. SakallıAbi

    Both dog breeds belong to Turks. Alabai (Alabay) is the national dog of Turkmenistan, and Kangal is the national dog of Turkey. Respect and love to brother country Turkmenistan..

  34. Mlody Mlody

    Heard that alabai has biger bite force than any other dog breed

  35. Maireg Kibru


  36. Animal Movie and show clips

    Australian kelpie vs Australian cattle dog

  37. pediatrapaola

    very similar level in every situation amazing dogs

  38. Meryl Anne

    Press Canario and caneCorso


    Gaddi Dog/ Indian Shepherd Dog VS Kangal

  40. Tiffany Samone

    Shiloh shepherd vs Belgian turverin

  41. Melvin Chavers

    American Bulldog vs
    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

  42. TheMagicMan

    Alabai isnt measured in biteforce and measure a normal kangal probably around 250psi

  43. zakzak az

    Next vidéo presa canario vs pitbull

  44. unknown

    Caucasian ovcharka vs Tibetan mastiff

  45. Shpendi Go

    Kangal is amazing

  46. Akash A

    Next video please
    Boxer vs Dalmatian

  47. Omar Opqhe

    I’m the first one👋 Good job 🇮🇶💞🇮🇶💞

  48. Tony Stark

    Caucasian shepherd and Sharplaninatz

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