Alabai is a Beast Made from Nature!


Alabai is a Beast Made from Nature!


Alabai survived the extreme conditions and was shaped into the beast that is today only thanks to the luck that he had to not be modified by the hand of man…

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8 Thoughts to “Alabai is a Beast Made from Nature!”

  1. Codsta

    I have a Caucasian shepherd and I wanna get a alabai but Australia has no breeders

  2. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  3. Aoda

    The Caucasian shepherd was artificially created for the needs of the army.
    It is not a naturally made dog race.

  4. Dk

    My Corso mix is 200 lbs 38 inch but my pure Corso is 170 lbs 34 inch

  5. Gannesh

    Why some Alabai look too ordinary???

    & a few others are giants???

  6. John Milton

    Little polar bear

  7. Katlin Allen

    Stunning breed tho

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