Akita Inu VS Cane Corso
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Akita Inu VS Cane Corso

In this episode, two of the best watchdogs: Akita Inu VS Cane Corso
Which is more vigilant. Stronger. more suitable. And more. Let’s find out, and MAY THE BEST WIN.

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37 Thoughts to “Akita Inu VS Cane Corso”

  1. Dani121

    Dogo argentino vs Rottweiler for next video please

  2. skaixx

    The cane corso is 70 cm in height? Not 50. My danish swedish farmdog is almost 50 cm in height

  3. Josh Nofflet

    Cane Corso vs Rottweiler

  4. Mark Stephenson

    Doberman Pinscher vs greyhound

  5. Bravo the dog

    Husky vs Malamute

  6. Lenentrono

    Dalmatian Vs Doberman

  7. Tiffany Samone

    Pit bull vs dog argentino

  8. Max coutts young

    cane corso vs rottwiler!

  9. BC Country Guy

    Beauceron vs German shepherd

  10. KS

    This is so stupid and pretentious.

  11. notsosilentmajority1

    Chihuahua vs Yorkshire Terrier.. lol. 🤪

  12. Shayaan Mohamed Naser

    Dogo argentino vs grey hound
    Carcasion shepherd vs Tibetan mastiff

  13. Cooper Dillhoff

    Megalodon vs Mosasaurus


    Never say can’t


    My cane corso lives in a 1 bedroom apt…

  16. Animal Movie and show clips

    Boxer vs Doberman


    Cane corso gang, watch my channel 💪💪

  18. B Colclough

    Corso vs rott

  19. B Colclough

    Central Asian shepherd vs kangal

  20. B Colclough

    Boerbel vs central Asian shepherd

  21. B Colclough

    Corso vs press canario

  22. B Colclough

    Corps vs dog argentino

  23. B Colclough

    Corso vs boerbel

  24. B Colclough

    I love my corso

  25. Rudra darji op

    Next match is between Indian dogs and forgin

  26. Omar Opqhe

    Please consider the transaction 💞💞🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶💞💞

  27. Rudra darji op


  28. PH CHAU

    Kangal Bully kutta

  29. Aiva Fawcett

    Rottweiler vs alabai dog

    Dutch shepherd vs border collie

    Dogs argentino vs Belgian malinois

  30. tanatswa nedi

    Boerboel vs Rottweiler

  31. denver Denver

    Akita vs husky

  32. zakzak az

    Next vidéo Presa canario vs cane corso 🔥🔥🔥

  33. Shpendi Go

    Cane Corso of course 🖤

  34. minmontra chimphadit


  35. Vartan Tutundjian


  36. Akash A

    Next video
    Boxer vs Dalmatian

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