AKC Agilty Trial Competition live
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AKC Agilty Trial Competition live

AKC Agility is a super fun sport for dogs of almost every breed. Today I’m life from the San Diego Kennel Club agility trial.

I’m joined by a competitor Kent, who has competed in many trials including national events and invitationals with different breeds.

Learn a little about agility for dogs and the fun sport that so many dog lovers are competing in with their best friends.

Kent describes the different levels of agility, the obstacle’s names and details, some of the rules of agility, and also helps narrate a few of the different dogs we watch today.

If you love dogs, you’ll love this live video.

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5 Thoughts to “AKC Agilty Trial Competition live”

  1. Phillip B

    This was great! I’ve got a 7-month old bernedoodle and want to try agility with her when she’s a little older, so this was really informative. Thanks!

  2. terrierized immortalized

    I have a basic set up in my backyard and also there are some local parks with obstacles where l take mine. But to get to competition level is admirable. Obv there are certain ones, (eg BorderCollies), who excel in this sport. I’m sure Goofy would have been great in his young years. Thanks Rob

  3. Marea Miller

    Leash as a tug- you aren’t allowed to bring toys or treats into the ring- but you can bring the leash. So they are using the leash as a tug toy. Its… technically not cheating 🤣

  4. laurend1023

    This was so fun to watch!

  5. Raymond DeFlaviis

    I’m glad you are showing us this stuff 😊. Even if I have no plans on doing any of it. My breeder was trying to get me involved in these types of activities.
    I manage to find other ways to exhaust my Doberman. Today a couple of gals insisted on having my boy run in the dog park with their Greyhounds. I agreed, as long as their 2 smaller dogs were put in the small dog park. Those smaller dogs can start big problems.
    I would be interested in “out of the box ” techniques some people use. For instance, I met a sweet lady recently who told me she doesn’t want her Dobermans overly socialized – except with members of her immediate family. She wants them to be working guard dogs.
    Thanks for the great tip on leash tugs!

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