Agility World Team Desiree Snelleman - Podcast Episode 72
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Agility World Team Desiree Snelleman – Podcast Episode 72

Agility is a sport that dogs LOVE. It requires detailed training and communication between dogs and humans. No one knows this better than Desiree Snelleman USA World Agility Team member and competitor.

In this chat, we talk about her journey to the world team, her dogs, her training, what separates competitors from champions and so much more. Desiree is an awesome athlete, in the VERY top of agility competitors anywhere in the world, and a good friend of mine. I loved doing this interview and learned a lot about agility. We shared some laughs and lots of great info for any dog lover and/or dog trainer. Whether you’re interested in agility or not, this podcast will open your eyes to dogs in an amazing way.

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12 Thoughts to “Agility World Team Desiree Snelleman – Podcast Episode 72”

  1. Robert Cabral

    for more info check out Desiree’s links in the video, for more info on my dog training and podcasts, check out:

  2. Holomatchi

    Anytime you and Janet want to come to Norway I would be more than happy to show you around!

  3. Beth Wilson

    This was an excellent interview! Can’t wait for the second installment.

  4. Marea Miller

    Horay for agiltiy!!! I am so excited for her to come back 😍😍 I love these interviews you are doing. Thank you for bringing the gap between different branches of dog training

  5. Settings Settings

    WOW Robert. i really enjoyed this podcast.

  6. Tony Rivas

    Great podcast, and an amazing guest. Keep it up Robert!

  7. ElainesDomain

    Thank you Robert.

  8. BJ Bumblebee

    there needs to be a resource on line where specialists can lists their specialties and their websites. Have them vetted before posting them with recommendations

  9. Frances Elias

    How do you start training you and your dog for agility?What should we look for in agility trainers?

  10. sharman collins

    Talking of a stubborn dog my first dog was a Bullterrier.. what a place to start as a Junior Handler…

  11. Mario S.

    Is it possible for someone else to train your dog and come back changed. My dog has been to multiple trainings none of which had any real results. I am considering getting the art of dog trying and the power of positive dog training books.

  12. wowalinbie

    Great guests! Its kind of strange how little info there is on agility on youtube.

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