Aggressive Malinois Dutch Shepherd Training - No Prong Collar, No ECollar
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Aggressive Malinois Dutch Shepherd Training – No Prong Collar, No ECollar

I came upon Roxy and Eric at the park a few weeks ago. Roxy was going crazy when she saw my dogs. Eric put her back in his car and was about to leave. I convinced him to walk her and I’d keep my dogs inside. Janet asked him if he’d like to work with me. He agreed and confessed that he’d seen some of my videos and even hired another trainer to help with Roxy’s aggression.

Roxy is a Belgian Malinois / Dutch Shepherd mix that he rescued a while back. Her reactivity to other dogs has kept him from really enjoying her so I asked some questions.

He was trying the right things, but the wrong way. I felt that the prong collar was upsetting Roxy more than helping her. Keep in mind, I LOVE. prong collars and ecollars, but they are not always the right tool for every dog and every situation. This proved to be one of those situations. As you’ll see, Roxy’s transformation was pretty amazing, from a dog that was lunging at the end of her leash trying to get to Jimi, our black labrador retriever, to laying nicely next to him.

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22 Thoughts to “Aggressive Malinois Dutch Shepherd Training – No Prong Collar, No ECollar”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Great lesson here Robert. Tools are not always required. What a turn around : ) . I agree also about dogs not needing to play with other unknown dogs. Seen many fights start from that. Thank you.


    Great work Robert!!!! Loved the slow motion showing the sudden changes in body language in the dog ; they can be so subtle at times.

  3. Unboxed

    Robert, this was a great video!

  4. Dawid Jlb

    Nice biceps man.

  5. Ophir Memories & Illusions

    What about the positive reinforcement only method? Would it worked here? Would it work at all?

  6. Jon Bon

    Thank you for the videos. I just did what you did for the first time as a trainer myself and the reward of watching them lay nicely with another dog is amazing.

  7. Ivan

    So basically this dog was not even aggressive it was just a weird response to prong collar?

  8. Bic narok

    What´s all this anti dog parkness, if you can control your dogy your dog is comfortable and enjoys socialising with other dogs I don´t see a problem.

  9. May Queen Slithers

    So you used a choke chain? How is that much different from a prong?

  10. Jack Anthony

    My dog ignores the corrections and the no. She won’t just stop barking by walking by like this dog did. She goes nuts

  11. Joe

    Looks like Roberts been spending some time in the weight room!! 💪

  12. niC00L

    I have a bully mix rescue exactly like this. I had a trainer introduce us to slip. He’s respondig nice to it during walks, but when he sees a dog or other animal he doesn’t care about corrections. He will rather choke himself out than stop lunging. Do you think prong would help with that?

  13. Mike_neraLcM

    “I don’t want you playing with my wife” 🤣

  14. Oggie Ramos

    I learn from watching both your body language as well as the dog’s. I seem to notice Roxy quickly picking up some level of excitability from her owner.

  15. Opal Soul

    Nice video! I liked the text overlays to add more explanation/context. Do you look for a root cause to the reactivity or just focus on changing the behavior? It didn’t seem to come from fear or aggression to me.

  16. Pat Munro

    Mr Cabral, how much of Roxi’s behaviour was incorrect fitting, and use of the prong. A GREAT trainer introduced me to the prong into, fitting, and use, Ohh, it was YOU. Thank you. My working bred GSD was very dog reactive. All she wanted to do was play [beat up] other dogs. Created explosive frustration on the leash. Had already bruised her trachea on a flat collar, as a 4.5 month old pup. I considered a slip, but again strangulating was the outcome. I used the prong to self correct. My reactions, and my read of my dog are very good. So 2feet, or so of lead. See another dog, feel/see, tension building in my dog, tighten hand on leash, not shorten, as she lunges, plant feet. She is stopped with the force she created. She still wants SO badly to play with dogs, but she manages to walk off leash through them. I do occasionally let her play, to reinforce the recall on the premack principle. She gets play and training, for the inevitable loose dog encounter. her recall is 100%. [ecollar]

  17. Camilla Hunt

    To be honest, that dog would scare me if I was the owner. I don’t have much owner experience though. I am getting my first puppy in two weeks!! So excited!

  18. Howling Waters

    Oh, @Robert…Your wife is in no danger from a man in a Tw!++€r 🐦 shirt. Unless she’s afraid to be censored.😉

  19. Tanya Poonawala

    I just love your videos 🤩🤩🤩 watching from India, but aspire to meet you some day, keep up the work you’re doing!! You have amazing dogs and an amazing channel, so helpful

  20. Bartek Kondrat

    Sir Robert,
    as usual, very impressive, like 1mln dollars.

  21. Linda Reda

    I’ll have to see the full length to know how long this took. What a beautiful transformation that Dutchie made!!

  22. Just a girl and her dogs

    Awesome work 👏👏👍

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