Aggressive German Shepherd Lunges at Dog and Tries to Bite Me
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Aggressive German Shepherd Lunges at Dog and Tries to Bite Me

Aggressive German Shepherd X lunges at other dogs and tries to bite me during this training session.

This lesson covers Red a German Shepherd mix who is reactive/aggressive on the leash to other dogs and then redirects to me. Red is a very high prey-driven dog and Will has had some issues with this drive. We did a session a few weeks back that really got Red better controlled so we were able to bring in Jimi for a casual introduction. You’ll see Red’s initial reaction and how we were able to manage and modify his drives with some simple corrections and rewards.

Understanding how and why a dog acts aggressively is key to solving the problem. Is it aggression or just a dog being dominantly playful? What’s the difference and how do we handle to difference? How much correction is too much and how much is NOT enough? What are the best tools to use? Prong collar? Electric e-collar? Praise, treats, rewards?

In this video, you’ll get a great idea of the methodology I’ve used on countless shelter dogs to help them learn the structure and good behavior.

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34 Thoughts to “Aggressive German Shepherd Lunges at Dog and Tries to Bite Me”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Be sure to check out the full 18 PLUS minute version of this video lesson as well as many more on my site:

  2. Kristen Myers

    I was frustrated watching him so much but he is exactly like so many owners out there. He was slow to correct..but i am sure I was guilty of it or I was b4 finding you.🤗

  3. Alice Chance

    I too felt frustration. Robert your communication skills are great!

  4. AlphaK91

    That looks more like a Crap-in-ois. This is a special sub family in Belgian Shepherds. It’s a Malinois bred by morons.

  5. Robin Nehls

    This was amazing. I have not been doing the loose leash/pop correctly. Your a great teacher. Do More Videos Like This

  6. David

    A question, at minute 6 it felt like the dog was giving you (or at least tried to) a correction, cause he didn’t want to do the sit and you corrected him. Instead of wanted to play with you?

    on minute 6:40 I think you are wrong.
    I think it’s the opposite, like the trainer effect, the other person will have always faster and better results. just because the dog only knows you as direct, leading, dominant. The handler especially if he wasn’t that structured has to work to get the respect from the dog first. So the trainer will always naturally have the better result.

  7. XD

    My dog ​​(Hellenic Shepherd) became aggressive after 2 attacks by dogs (Dogo argentino-rod weiler), when we took our walk and she was tied up. Now we try to calm her down with positive training and a simple choke(before she pulled me when she saw someone from joy and I used halti )
    What worries me is dogs to have accidents from other dog attacks can their calm or they never find solve🤔

  8. Surrah Ig

    So my dog has toys but loves to chew on my walls , what am I doing wrong? Help

  9. Andre Borges

    Good job by the owner for seeking professional help. Great dog, won’t be easy but he looks like he will be a fun dog to have around.

  10. Magearon

    I was walking a shelter dog with the leash wrapped around my hand and it suddenly lunged for a squirrel. I’m lucky it was only a 40lb dog and not 90lbs otherwise I think my shoulder would have popped out lol

  11. No Place To Hide

    This dog doesn’t look like a German Shepherd to me!


    Good job Robert, thanks!

  13. Derek Edwards

    Love to watch you work: your training style is so clear, precise and swift the dog understands exactly what you want him to do. Thank you for this vid.

  14. mario Lorbes

    Difference bet professional and stupid trainer…
    That is dangerous!

  15. Cr4zy Rogue

    Please Robert… Don’t start with those stupid clickbait titles…

  16. Andy Giabo

    I see lots of badly trained dogs LOTS. Most of the dog owners seem to me to have similar problems. Half hearted tones to their commands, refusal to use a correction and too long a lead or the use of a body harness or both. What do I know for sure? If they have kids at home, they are badly behaved as well.

  17. J. Jordan Jones

    He could have gotten so much done faster by simply adjusting that collar position.

  18. Christine Kathman

    Good dog so happy you are Training the owner!

  19. Ajay Rajkumar

    This guys a body builder not a dog trainer man! Look at his biceps

  20. bladethorn

    I can’t overstate how helpful this is. Every other video EVER is just people talking at the camera, showing a finished or undistracted dog or entirely in the hands of a trainer. This is fantastic I can’t wait to train tonight!!

  21. Large Dog Xperience

    Loved the way you work with the owner.

  22. Milena Taylor

    Great demo. It’s so nice to see you, Robert, work with clients and their dogs.

  23. Radu Ardeleanu

    The part where you say one should always 2 holds on the lesh is gold and it shows your martial arts backround . I want to add just one little thing you also touched : if the leash is loose it will be much easier to pop the dog when a correction is needed . If the leash is already tense , there can be no ”pop” , you will just pull on the dog , which of course it will make him push harder against it . Thanks for the vid .

  24. Graham Rowland

    Nice video Robert more please

  25. YoungChevaz Juan

    My belgian can do commands now

  26. Pomeranian dog Macana

    Good job .I enjoy your videos . Check out my dog’s videos ,guys


    Frustrating having an aggressive dog but patience and lots of work will get you there.
    Another great video.

  28. Virginia Pursley

    Thank you for sharing this. It was very helpful to see the trainees mistakes and your corrections of what the trainee is doing wrong with his dog. Thank you for posting. 😊🐶

  29. I'm Cheech

    I really wish we lived closer together… I’d absolutely love to be able to work with you on our training.
    My dog does amazing just following your instructions but a few sessions with out in this type setting, I could only imagine the possibilities.
    I live in Southwest Florida, south of Tampa and you of course in southern California.
    Thank you Mr Cabral for the time you take to create and share these videos with us. Your labors are greatly appreciated.

  30. Ange Mac

    I got frustrated just watching that. Robert your amazing!

  31. Sarge the Heeler and Lisa

    GREAT video!!! I share you videos a lot with people. I get asked a lot about my dog Sarge and his good obedience and I tell them about you. I also have your YouTube channel on my channel so they can find you there as well. You are awesome sir!!!!

  32. Loretta Powell

    Nice to see the dog and owner learning, not just demonstrations of a perfect dog.

  33. Gavin Dalziel

    Is this a GS x Malinois?

  34. Charity Blackwell

    You both did an excellent job. 🙂

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