Aggressive Akita DOG at the Park Learns to Behave

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Aggressive Akita DOG at the Park Learns to Behave

Max has hd a few bad habits to work through… Being aggressive and reactive to dogs, bicycles, balls and a host of other things was at the top of the list.

In this shortened version of the complete lesson you’ll see some of the simple steps that I use to effectively communicate with Max what we expect. We cannot accept this behavior because it could cost him his life.

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Teaching dogs the skills to behave and thrive in society is a key responsibility we must take seriously. I have worked with hundreds of dogs over the years that needed to learn these skills. They can be taught fairly and effectively once you know the skill. You’ll see that MAX learned this lesson pretty quickly. The more that it is reinforced, the more likely it is to stick.

When you have a dog that is aggressive, reactive or insecure about his environment and the things in it, you must start with structure and relationship and then insert corrections. Corrections should be very fair to the dog and should never be punitive or personal.

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17 Thoughts to “Aggressive Akita DOG at the Park Learns to Behave”

  1. Black Hawk

    another great lesson on how to read your dog and use the right tool for the right dog.. I’ve watched all of your videos since rescuing my cattle 70lbs she was initially a handful. I did use the prong collar for a while but this only amped her up more, I currently use a martindale and focus a LOT more on lead pressure… letting her make decisions and correcting them when there the wrong ones and rewarding the good ones… she had a huge threshold at first but can walk past most dogs without any issues.. thanks Robert for all the time and free content you upload.. it is very much appreciated🙏🙏

  2. Jane Bridie

    Before I started with the prong the trainer identified the minumum pop needed to cause her to pause what she was doing. Most of the time that is all I need to get her attention. If she was reactive like the Akita I wouldn’t be taking her to places or at times that are so busy

  3. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Such an important video that clearly shows how firm, fair corrections given at the right time work. Plus choosing the right tools. Brilliant.

  4. Joseph Stulec

    Question, could you train a dog to only listen to one person?

  5. Joyful Dog Services

    Wondering why the comment thread is no longer viewable 😔 I don’t think any community guidelines were broken? Robert liked a comment…maybe the initial commenter said something offensive?

    Too bad!

    Great discussion on this excellent educational video. Robert noted this is also over a year old, and Max I’d doing excellent now 😀

  6. 優しい葉 Chikara

    Oh ye that’s one spicy tamale just like this guy👈 🐿️don’t say this word in front of him🐿️🤣🐶🖤

  7. Von Ragnar Nicaragua

    I love these real life real owner non scripted vids
    Keep em coming

  8. Anna Bell

    That dog is going to seriously injure somebody.

  9. Jack Anthony

    This is my dog to a T.

  10. Every day man

    Can you do another in-depth video on how to help your dog gain confidence? Our 3 year old rotty is amazing, but still submissive/excited pees and I don’t know how to get him to stop. I don’t correct him on it because it’s not all the time.

  11. Tony Fong

    Thanks for the video. I’m having this type of trouble with my papillon.

  12. Camilla Hunt

    Robert makes this look so easy!

  13. Ali_thestaff

    Robert thank you for this video. When you said you don’t want him to focus in to much on the heel, it made me think. I’ve been working with a similar case , the owner needs to understand the power of her frame. And her dog is reactive, I’ve been teaching them the heel and the place command as a foundation to fall on when we start jumping into the fire. But now I’m wondering if just a basic sit command would be better for at least public walking her.

  14. Cherry McKinstry

    Love all the Akita training videos

  15. Lee Grass

    I feel that Robert should’ve taken a hold of the dog at the dog park on the walk. That would’ve made a difference for both the owner and the dog.

  16. watchmoivies123

    This was very good but when you actually took the leash you were not in the dog park or near that dog park where all the dogs were coming I’d like to see how you worked with this dog with other dogs passing by like before and you say loose leash but how do you do that?

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