Aggression, Growling and Bad Behavior in Dogs Q&A
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Aggression, Growling and Bad Behavior in Dogs Q&A

This video addresses a few questions:
Is growling always aggression?
My Malinois won’t make friends with one of my other dogs.
Hierarchy issues with dogs in the house.
Why does my dog respond to hand signals but not verbals?

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14 Thoughts to “Aggression, Growling and Bad Behavior in Dogs Q&A”

  1. Notacrazy

    love the videos

  2. Jose Gamez

    Hi Robert, I’m very frustrated with our second rescue dog. I had much more quick progress with our first dog on all fronts since he is more of a calm dog. This second one though is short of 2 years old and a mix of Schnauzer and Toy Pinscher, so he’s tiny. We think he used to be chained/leashed 24/7 in his previous “home” so his issues probably stem from there.
    He’s very well behaved at home. But basically when on a walk he’s not simply distracted, he’s crazy obsessive about distractions, when trying to walk if we see another dog on the sidewalk across from us he’ll get a stiff neck, whine, bark, throw a temper tantrum, bite me when I correct him, yelp if corrected but keep throwing his tantrum, etc. He won’t respond to food or play outside, he’s obsessed with anything and everything else. To clarify, he’ll take food but in a bad state of mind, biting my fingers because of the haste to get back to his distraction.
    He’s made some progress with a prong and with me putting him on a down before the other dog crosses his threshold of distance. But he still gets the crazy obsessed look, stiff neck, heavy breathing, whining and he won’t listen. At his worst when he has gone past his threshold he doesn’t care about any prong correction, much less verbal.
    I know difficult rescues require patience and daily work, but I could use some tips on helping him actually enjoy our walks faster. Please help.

  3. Who Knew 22

    I have a question if I want to get a new dog as a companion for my 2 half old Separador should I get a Male Puppy or Adult ?

  4. Naoko Okada

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!! I always appreciate how honest and open you are.

  5. Zhippidy Doodah

    I have a single dog home with a Rottweiler, adopted in May 2019. He’s now 4 yrs old. When my 14 yr old nephew visits and plays with the dog, the dog gets very hard playing and tries to dominate my nephew. The dog doesn’t do this to anyone else, just my nephew. Any ideas on why this is happening? Play is usually fetch with a ball, sometimes a tug rope.

  6. JB

    Great explanation at the end on switching to verbal commands. I have worked with my dogs and through sheer repetition have gotten them to respond to a few verbal-only commands, but I think I will try that method to get it to work on the flip heel and on “switch” for walks and jogs.

  7. Coach Z

    Just introduced a new dog to my pack. 4yom lab/pit, 3yom gsd, and now a 1.5yom gsd…a few hiccups but for the most part things are going well…it is sometimes hard to differentiate the growls…body language is the biggest clue…stopping aggression before it becomes a problem…

  8. Milena Taylor

    “…except for Janet, she controls Me” 😂😂😂

  9. krazyjoe1994

    he just seems to have all the answers!

  10. Jonny Lewis

    My brother has a Cane Corso and is aggressive to unknown men but is fine with females. This only shows up when my brother is around and if I remove my brother and I take over control, he is much better at men interactions. Why is it that “kratos” has a hard time with my brother and not with me? I do have more experience with power breeds and this is his first. Any light you could shine would be very helpful! Kratos is 4 years old and started this behavior at 1 and has continued since. Great videos!

  11. alipetuniashow

    Great explanation, my German shepherds growls at each other sometimes

  12. Nirvz HD

    Posted 3 minutes ago. Damn I’m quick. But not as quick as you can miss a puppy peeing inside if you’re not structuring and paying attention XD

  13. Esten Ray

    Another excellent video thanks Robert no one does this better than you! Please keep them coming I for one very much appreciate it.

  14. Hollis Sensenig

    Excellent explanation as usual.

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