After Everything I Taught This Dog.. I’m Still Worried About Her MOST DANGEROUS Habit.
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After Everything I Taught This Dog.. I’m Still Worried About Her MOST DANGEROUS Habit.

Everything I trained this puppy, including stopping resource guarding!

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67 Thoughts to “After Everything I Taught This Dog.. I’m Still Worried About Her MOST DANGEROUS Habit.”

  1. al ex

    Do new owners ever report some separation anxiety after they welcome their new dogs home from your care? Or are the dogs and pups fully acclimated into their new home? Would be interested in knowing your honest answer. Once we fostered for a weekend and the adoption agency’s policy was that the foster family would not know the adopting family at all. So I’ve always wondered if going from one household to another is a traumatic experience, especially if they’re with the original family for months.

  2. Charles

    Hi Zak, in your videos you often refer to things like the “latest scientific research”. Do you have a place for your audience to see which research sources you’re referencing? I.e. the journal articles, studies, etc. that you find important for your field of study. Thank you!

  3. Alisha L

    Yay! Congrats Biscuits on our forever home! Very excited to see what’s next!

  4. Vytas

    We get crap pet toys in Australia

  5. Vanessa

    Yay biscuits!!!

  6. C Gallo

    Biscuits found a great furever home, but so sad that her story is over. Next time you guys go to Alaska perhaps you can do an update episode like you did with Kona (please, please, please) We love the “where are they now” stories. On to V______a maybe? Sshhhh Happy Easter Bree and Zak!!

  7. M. Meyers

    I really enjoyed the series with cute little Biscuits. However, I was quite surprised that you had her for just a couple days. That doesn’t seem long enough to get her ready for a new home. Perhaps, that’s why she went to a house where the woman was already experienced in training dogs. It seemed weird to give Biscuits to someone who was fostering so many puppies that she could have adopted. What about training a puppy to go to a family with kids? How about “training” the kids to handle a new puppy? That would be awesome to watch. Keep up the good work!

  8. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    Hi zak, i cant believe biscuits series has ended already it doesn’t seem two minutes since you started im so glad shes done so well in the time she had with you guys keep up the awesome content

  9. Barbara Richmond

    So happy Biscuits found a loving forever home.

  10. Betty Jean Petrinovich

    Biscuit seems like the first dog you’ve trained who is mainly, almost completely, internally motivated, and your methods have worked absolutely Amazingly well. In the beginning, I didn’t think she could be trained, just conditioned, but as she goes to her new family, I think you have laid a foundation for her to grow and grow in relationships over the years. Congratulations!!!!!

  11. Julie S

    I’m going to miss Biscuits. Her series went so fast. What a sweet special little gal. You and Bree did great work with her – and Inertia too.

  12. Dino Luca

    Happy to see the dog has a nice home. Now all the new owners need is a pouch full of treats at ALL times in order for the dog to respond to a command for like the next year or so

  13. NativeNYerChicHK

    Didn’t know it was the right way to handle it but it always worked for me; trust building and respecting boundaries type of exercises. With our last resource guarding Brandy pit mix, she took WORK, more than any other we’ve had. Things like taking the bone or toy and giving it back. Petting her while she chewed it to prove that me being near didn’t always mean I’d take her bone. Then taking it and commanding a sit or paw or stay or down, and rewarding with treats and heaping on the praise and then giving it back, thereby stretching the time in between, making her wait a beat and also switch her brain a little to cause her to have to think of something else to distract from the intensity of the concentration on the bone. Making the possessive dog lay by another while leashed after she finished her own bone, but not too close, while the other more respectful dog finished his bone and rewarding calm behavior with treats and praise. She eventually learned to just go lay on her own bed near him and nap while he finished his. That all combined taught our Brandy boundaries, trust and respect. Never had a dog who continues resource guarding after thoroughly repetitively and consistently practicing these steps. Changes the dogs total way of being.

  14. Tegan Davis

    Zak I’m begging you, TRAIN MY SHIBA!!!

  15. S L

    01:06 “Guys, I swear this is a dog toy….” 🤣 Indeed, I sometimes need to look twice.

  16. Derek Douglas

    My last new video before I pick up my puppy, wish me luck 🤞

  17. Frank Ward

    Hear me out… 1. 2 dog adoption. One trained by you and Bree. One trained by a mentee. 2. They get to learn from you both dog training and Youtube storytelling! 3. You get to train someone in real life to use your methods. Sounds like a blast to me. A short video on your screening process for adopters would be cool. I screened for a local rescue and their process was very thorough. Would be great to see how you both approach it!

  18. Daniel Hawkins

    The bark box theme?! 😂

  19. A.Safe.Home. 365

    This has been an enjoyable series. I’ve not seen this type of dog have obedience training before. Was happy to see it. We have been working with a specific breeder for some time and our puppy was born a week ago….red standard poodle. I’ve been watching your videos for a year now and read your books. Now that it is getting real I’m excited and NERVOUS. Can I follow through, can I teach her what she needs to know to be a well behaved girl. Will I have enough energy to keep up……so many concerns. Yikes! We will also be doing puppy classes. Thanks for all the videos and training you do.

  20. Joe Montana

    Hey guys,I need a Malinois puppy anyone knows where I can buy one?


    Them Toys musta came from Colorado or California in a legal state or is my mind just in the gutter? 🤣😂

  22. karen Eaton

    I am so impressed with your training of Biscuits. You both have worked so hard on her behaviors. Your patience in working on resource guarding was especially interesting. I am benefiting from your knowledge with our new lab puppy, thank you!

  23. Matt Carves

    Just checked out the spoiler on your Instagram. Wow looking forward to the new series 🙂

  24. Karen

    Uh. Love your vids. Former Caesar Milan follower but have seen how positive reinforcement works. .. but… That bark box today was totally rad dude. Those toys are weed friendly. I saw a bong, pipe, green nugs. Maybe you know… Sorry. Love u

  25. Kafiyo

    Nice little smart dog! Love her.

  26. Thash Machine

    Best bark box yet! Lol

  27. Gunther Mampaey

    I was watching another trainer the other day, and his trainings were promising, just as you with treats and a lot of patience, then 20 episodes further he was using e-collars, how can you get off-road so relatively fast? Love you’re video’s Zak, please stay on the right road. Much appreciated. And love biscuit too, Cheers.

  28. Belle

    I NEED that bark box. That is SO funny.

  29. Berserk Panda

    Hey, could I get some advice on this? My gf has a 3year old samoyed. She is fairly shy similar to her owner and hasn’t been in too much direct contact with other dogs so she growls and sometimes even barks once or twice if another dog gets too close to me of her owner. Not always but sometimes. But she will growl if we try petting or giving treats to another dog. I have trained her mostly well. She sits when asked and walks next to me off leash obedient. She let’s us take away her toys or food without any reaction because she knows she will be getting it back. Over all a good girl but I can get her to act polite with other dogs when there are treats or petting

  30. Jenny Lynne

    Yay Biscuits!! I’ve really been enjoying the reality dog training series. Something I would love to see you tackle … would be picking a dog sport to compete in with inertia, and documenting your training and competitions. Maybe show people what’s out there and what it takes to train a dog to do those kinds of things.

  31. savita Banta

    Can you help me I am from India I have adopted a stray male dog in Dec 2018 got him trained through a trainer
    But he is very moody he don’t listen to our commands or simple calls and also growl at us it has become very difficult to give him bath and also to get him vaccinated

  32. Mazzy

    It’s funny that we have the opposite relationship of Inertia and Biscuts between our puppy and older dog, we have to keep the puppy from being too enthusiastic with our senior dog. Great video!

  33. Bonnie Helmker

    Another great job!!!! So sweet ❤️

  34. Jan Hankins

    Congratulations Biscuits and her new family! Waiting for the next series with bated breath, although I’ll miss Biscuits.


    Fabulous advice regarding resource guarding. 😁😁

  36. Bele Bele

    Biscuits is gone 😞. Is she going to have an Instagram page?

  37. Lisa White

    Happy Easter! Thank you for your wonderful videos. You have helped us out so much with our now 1 yr old puppy. Fantastic training videos!

  38. Angela Lewis

    YES TO POSTING ALL of Inertia’s and Biscuits playtime uncut!! 🙌🏻😁

  39. Patricia Fletcher

    Did you guys ever figure out what breed biscuit was?

  40. Patricia Fletcher

    You forget to mention Facebook

  41. Amarie

    I wonder if Zak caught on as to why all the toys had red low eyes 😂😂

  42. sairhug

    Did I miss the DNA test reveal … or wasn’t there one?

  43. Jen Kirby

    When Jasper was 2 (and never retaliated if a dog attacked him) we were asked to take 6 year old Bryn who resource guarded EVERYTHING! She took all Jasper’s toys off him and we had to feed them separately until I cured Bryn. I did it by inventing a new game called Sharing. It involved a lot of treats and both dogs put on weight for a while. Bryn didn’t get 100% with her resource guarding until she was 12! (She died when she was 15 and Jasper clearly missed her so we got Marzieh who has done a little bit of puppy resource guarding but nothing like Bryn!)

    It was clear that nobody had hand fed Bryn treats but always threw them to her which was no good for the Sharing game. She didn’t know where her teeth were. Poor girl. She tried so hard to take treats gently.

  44. The Animal Channel

    Follow this amazing guy on Insta and TikTok:
    I can hardly wait to see the Veronica series. I will stay tuned! And I am a follower of Zak’s TikTok and Instagram. The link for tiktok:

    THe link for instagram

  45. themagikalwizard

    Your videos have helped me train my puppy so well! Thank you so much!!

  46. OK VIOLA

    0:49 is why I should never have taught my dogs any advanced tricks. They now do them whenever because they can lol

  47. Here This

    Happy Easter , Bri and Zak and Inertia and new baby ! 🐰🐇🐣

  48. Vansh Verma


  49. johnniebbro

    Lmmfao the 420 edition for dogs toys 😆

  50. Child of the King

    So far first video with Veronica at his home!

  51. Here This

    😯 But what breed is Biscuits ? (🥰I like that name more , because she is so small and cute .🤗 ) I hope she has a great life at her new family .

  52. Katherine Burke

    Bongs and pipes? LOL!

  53. JemiQui77

    Omg those pictures at the end 😭 she’s so big! I love seeing them go to their new homes💞

  54. Lorelai Charpentier

    I love how excited biscuits was to meet her new family, and I’m so excited to see what’s next for your channel. Keep up the great work Zak.

  55. Grace's pet care channel

    Biscuits has done so well with her training, and you’ve worked so hard to help her with her resource guarding issues. I’m very glad that biscuits has landed herself a great home, and I wish her a happy and healthy life! Can’t wait to see who you take on next 🙂

  56. :: Puppy Power Party ::

    I swear that your videos get better and better! You’re one of my idols, I watch your videos mostly when I plan on training my dog a new trick 😌

  57. Secret

    Can we all appreciate that he uploads consistently? 💕

  58. Staylor7326

    Anyone gonna talk about how those toys were pot inspired 😂

  59. michelle browning

    Happy Easter .

  60. As You Wish Dog Training

    Love your videos! You’re such an amazing dog trainer, with years of skill that I hope to learn from.

    Do we know what breed Biscuits is yet?

  61. Mr. Panda the Sheepadoodle

    Another awesome and helpful video! Happy Easter Zak and Bree! ❤️Mr.🐼

  62. runningrock124

    im worried my boy tore his ACL : (
    please no, only a sprain, please please please

  63. Lorelai Charpentier


  64. ♡︎Abby And Macy♡︎


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