Abdominal Distension in Cats
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Abdominal Distension in Cats

The organs themselves can swell, causing visual enlargement of the abdomen.

Benign or malignant tumor growth on organs or glands can also lead to an expanded belly.

Older cats or unwell cats can lose muscle mass which allows the abdomen to look enlarged.

During pregnancy, a female cat’s uterus will expand rapidly.

Determining the reason for abdominal distention is something that needs to be done by a veterinary professional, as certain issues can be life-threatening.

The abdominal cavity houses many of a cat’s vital internal organs.

It is a large cavity that is lined with a special peritoneum membrane that keeps the environment sterilized.

This cavity can become enlarged or swollen when various substances build up within it.

This distention can be due to excess fluids such as blood, water, urine, or pus that have leaked from organs in the body.

The abdomen can also swell from air, gas, fat, or an internal obstruction.

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