A Bandog can Kill only with one Bite!


A Bandog can Kill only with one Bite!


A Bandog can kill with just one bite!

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7 Thoughts to “A Bandog can Kill only with one Bite!”

  1. Costas Georgiou

    Yes that is why my pittbulls are as harmless as a lab with the same bite force. If a bandog can’t kill with one bite. 😂 Good video.

  2. James Michael

    MY 194 lb Central Asian Ovtcharka killed 5 Coyote-wolf Hybrids, a bobcat, several buck deer, and a copper head snake, and another dog the attacked him, largely with signular bites. His canines were 4X larger than the canines of a German Shepherd Dog, roughly 2X larger than the canines of a large male Canadian Tiber wolf, as related by his dentist, who also served as dentist for large cats and wolves at the most renowned zoo in the world and also for a wolf sanctuary. I observed him during a number of these kills, and he would meticulously position himself for a lethal bite to either the occipital region of the cranium of the animal puncturing its skull with his massive canines, disarticulating the animals brainstem, or a bite to the animals in the region of the liver, puncturing said organ. I did not witness him kill the snake, only saw him run with it in his mouth, and after inspection observed large puncture marks and what appeared to be a broken neck region, perhaps from being shaken. In one instance with the buck deer, the dog grabbed one by the throat and I observed a copious amount of blood from its mouth, and it dropped almost immediately, so I assumed he severed a major artery or vein in the neck with the bite.

  3. Dukolli


  4. Antonio Whigham

    I have bite force of 13 sandwiches 🥪

  5. Tekarian Johnson

    How u a dog YouTube but don’t know the bite force the bannedog have 730but still love your video

  6. Mayank Pathak

    And second view

  7. Mayank Pathak

    First Comment

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