6 Things That Will Make it EASY to Train Your Dog!
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6 Things That Will Make it EASY to Train Your Dog!

Here are my TOP 6 tips for anyone with a new puppy or dog!

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131 Thoughts to “6 Things That Will Make it EASY to Train Your Dog!”

  1. VlogOfLife

    Zak, can I ask you something? Do you know this dog trainer called Peter Caine. He was insulting you that you are a bad dog trainer, but I thing the opposite.

  2. JCLVLND216

    Dachshunds vs Tiger lol

  3. Boston Rindlisbacher

    Inertia is wonderful. Zak I love what your doing. Inertia is almost human. I loved that trick Zak from the last episode.

  4. sonnyandcobi

    Inertia is such a great dog. Growing up I had a Border Collie. He was the best, so smart. My mom trained him to stay in his yard & not cross the line. He would stay in our yard without a fence. If he was chasing a rabbit, he would stop at the yard boundary & the rabbit would keep going. Then he would lay under the evergreen tree with the neighbor’s cat. There were never any issues.

  5. Patricia Graham

    My dog is 6 months old and she is still not perfect at leash walking.

  6. Dania Flores

    I already bought my puppy and I’m waiting until August 21st to pick her up because that’s when she turns 8 weeks old! Thank you for these tips and for your channel, Zak! 😊

  7. Moc

    Hey Zak what dry food would you recommend for dogs that doesn’t have a whole bunch of unhealthily ingredients?

  8. Dan Kelly

    Hey Zak… Tell NomNom they need to put pricing information I their webpage… Even if they make it hard to find, it needs to be there, somewhere.

  9. Will Ace

    im bringing a dog home on august 12 youre helping me so much ive been watching since the beginning of the series thank you zak george

  10. Susie M

    My Doberman pup, Bentley, is the same age as Inertia and it’s been great being able to train him over the past year with Zac and Inertia leading the way. Thanks for a wonderful channel!!🐶💕

  11. Casey Kelly

    I’m getting one

  12. torrie wood

    Hey Zak, as always I appreciate all your help with advice and helpful info that I send my own clients constantly! If you havent already, can you consider doing a video on counter conditioning dogs with object phobias? If you have already, i can’t find it! Stay safe!

  13. Ian Glenn

    You couldn’t train ivy to grow up a tree. Stick with being a dog food salesman.

  14. amanda M

    I’ve been watching your videos even before I had a puppy. Now I have one and even though I’ve tried everything I’ve learned with them she’s still biting but I’ve only had her for three weeks so this makes me feel better and hopefully she’ll stop it (she’s a husky and I’ve read that it’s a little more difficult to train huskies)

  15. Kirk Bowlby

    Hey Zak! I was wondering if you have any videos about items and products that you need for a new puppy, and really good optional stuff? I’ve never owned a dog, and it would be super useful! Stuff like good foods for dogs, treats, beds, types of toys, that sort of thing. Thanks for this awesome series!

  16. kaitOclock

    Zak, I need help! I’ve had a chihuahua/terrier mix for about 1.5years. He’s a great dog, super sweet! He’s learned lots of tricks and he’s basically become my little shadow. Definitely attached to me. lol but I’m having issues with housebreaking..still. He used to have accidents in his crate at night but I’ve successfully nipped that in the bud. However, he always has accidents in the house. He goes outside first thing in the morning, we always make sure he completes 1 and 2 before going back in. But no matter what, he ends up going on the floor at one point or another! I take him outside A LOT, because ya know- he’s small. But it still happens..I use an enzyme cleaner whenever he does do so. But the problem persists. I also have a Shiba Inu that we just got in March, and he almost never has accidents in the house! I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong..if you have any tips or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! 😭

  17. ChxrryLollipop

    I just got my jrt puppy yesterday but she won’t sleep in her crate so we made her a pen with stuff for her around it bc she vomited last time we locked her in

  18. 《 Diana 》

    4:24 daddy long legs 😂

  19. Vanessa

    I have viewed many training videos on YT, to me you are one of the most genuine, passionate, and easy to learn from trainer. Thank you for being awesome.

  20. Samantha Bice

    Do you have advice for some “first skills” for giant breeds? We are getting a St Bernard and I won’t be able to let puppy pulling on the leash last for long, given she will outweigh/muscle me in a matter of months. No jumping and no pulling are going to be two big goals, but I feel like they seem to be the hardest to teach if we are picking our battles and giving room for puppy behavior.

  21. Bobs Creative Days

    Thanks to your videos I have been patiently training our young Westie puppy. I sometimes get the impression that she is willfully ignoring me and I try to be as patient as possible. She has her good days which make up for the harder days. Thank you for these tips and all your videos they are really helpful.

  22. ilySoccer

    Im getting my second puppy ever in 2 weeks! Im so excited and watching your videos has really helped!!

  23. Ashley Brown

    I’m getting my first puppy, a mini american shepherd, in 3 weeks and have been binging your videos so I can be as prepared as possible! So helpful that Inertia is a similar breed, so I can see what I am really getting myself in to!

  24. Shelties

    It’s so cute to see Inertia as a baby again 🙂

  25. Saro Dog Training

    I love tip number 5. That is the most important tip.

  26. Sadie and Me

    I have been using your tips to train my grandma’s dog

  27. Noemi AB

    I love how inertia is bored and wants attention, so she plays dead.😂😂😍

  28. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Loved her play dead during the video. Nom Nom looks really good.

  29. snowballs442

    Ok Zak ….. we got it. thanks for another great video. You have saying these same  principals for years and they do work.

  30. Moa E.K

    I have seen a lot of those comments about Zak’s ability as a trainer and Inertias progress in her training, and I don’t think they could have done any better. Zak is doing great and Inertia seems like a perfectly normal, young, smart and very high energy dog. Sure it takes time, but the result beats whatever would have been accomplished with conservative training regarding relationship and respect between the two. Positive reinforcement is the way to go!

  31. Bob Vance


  32. Sal G

    Hi Zak, I’m a huge fan! I’m ordering your book later this week. I’m getting a boxer puppy in November, and I have a question for you. I know boxers are strong biters, and I wasn’t sure what kind of toy to get. Are there any toys you recommend for a strong pup? I just don’t want to get one that shatters or chips. Thanks!! Love Inertia and your channel 🙂

  33. Nora Alonso

    Inertia is so cute and adorable!!!❤

  34. Isabel Wood

    I just got a 3 and a half month old Brittany Spaniel names Rosie. I’ve been watching this series for a while and it’s been super helpful! You’re an awesome trainer, thanks Zak!

  35. Brett Shaw

    inertia is so cute!!


    I thought you got a new dog 🐕 🤔

  37. hunde metropole

    So helpful👍♥️😂🐶thanks

  38. LpsCocoHearts

    this is the best dog food i have ever had! and i had a lot of dog food
    😲 r u ok?

  39. Adam Richens

    1. Manage your dog’s environment 1:50
    2. Prevention 2:22
    3. Keep expectations realistic 3:36
    4. Understand the importance of environment 4:42
    5. Play 5:16
    6. Choose your battles 6:06

  40. Alexgamer609

    Hey Zak! I’m getting a dog in March 2021 and this really helps with what I need to know. Thanks!

  41. Cici Y

    My dog is really hard to train.

  42. Xynazayyan Khan

    love your videos

  43. klxdy kay•.*

    It’s been a year?! That shows how well behaved inertia is and how good of a dog trainer you are. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  44. April Friendsea

    Its so cute how Inertia was watching you when you were talking😊

  45. Sophia Ha

    Wow! I’m quick! Only 97 comments!

  46. Noah Dekoschak

    hi zak i got a border collie and every trick i lerarned from u thx zak

  47. joel mathews

    Zak in a week I’m getting a puppy it’s a boy thank you for helping me learn everything

  48. Jennifer & Wyatt Mullen

    I love your videos. I have two dogs at home I thought one of them to jump up.
    But when I have a treat she keeps on jumping up without the hand signal

  49. Henggao Cai

    Keeping my puppy on the leash at all times was really helpful in housetraining my dog.

  50. Anushri Thanedar

    Thanks to your tips and videos, my 8 week old Berneedoodle can now sit, come, down and leave it reliably. THANK YOU!!!!


    Many people have requested for a bloopers video.


    Hey zak. I really love the way u train inertia. Can you please make a bloopers video? Pls, pls pls, pls

  53. shriram santhosh

    Really you call an year old dog new

  54. Shmoovin

    You’re making my life much easier and getting me well prepared for the dog soon to come, thanks Zak!

  55. _BlueAnimates_

    3:00 inertia 😂

  56. Dynamic Samurai

    I what an Aussie so badly

  57. Sophia IsTheBest

    I don’t have a dog but I watch these because they are entertaining and I hope to get a dog in the future!

  58. Girls v dad

    your videos have helped me sm ❤️

  59. adamfilip

    Skip the firs 90 seconds

  60. Review wala

    Zak ,once make a vedio on how inertia behaves casually

  61. Anushka kumari

    Useful information

  62. Ronit Wankhede

    im watching u from 2018 and every thing easy

  63. sigur Gaming

    Love your vids Zak

  64. Abyana Davila

    I’m curious about why you decided to get a Border Collie. Do you have any advice on deciding how to choose a dog either from a shelter or breeder?

  65. ToastedChocalate



  66. joejoebutterstv

    Hey zak I just got a new fox red retriever who is very active do you have any tips on calming your dog down to listen to you

  67. cat_planted_ lemon_mint

    LOVE all your videos Zak, you’re the only trainer I watch! I’ve learnt _so much_ from you!

  68. Isaac Pilgrim

    Do you have an opinion of raw food

  69. Jeena Bordoloi Deka

    Hey Zak, your videos have helped me a lot. My 3 year old golden retriever does not play anything. I tried playing fetch with her but she dosen’t chase the ball. Golden retrievers usually chase balls naturally. I have tried being fun and energetic but she is not motivated at all. Can you please help me in this ? Thanks in advance

  70. asif raza

    Plz tell that how convince our parents to buy a Dog

  71. Pace Fine Arts

    Our dog is trained so well and we managed 90% with Zak’s Videos ♥ Just leash walking is still hard. But the book and videos were worth every minute!

  72. Deshan Hewavithana

    New shoes again..

  73. Girls v dad

    Getting a puppy in September been watching u for a while now:) x

  74. iGL0CK

    OMG, I can’t order this Nom-Nom food, because I would be afraid I’ll eat it xD

  75. Sayantika Malakar

    Hey, Zak I love your videos! Whether I trust other dog trainers or not, I absolutely trust you! You are the best dog trainer and youtuber. Please, make a video on how to hold a puppy please!!!!

    And, best of luck for your next videos👍😊
    Thank you Zak🙂


    This video is so helpful it will help me a lot with my new puppy

  77. Snickerdoodle

    Such an Amazing video. One week exactly until I get a puppy! I have been watching all of your videos to get prepared, Thank you!

  78. Javier Gordillo

    I c u Zak with them Air Forces 1 looking really clean

  79. Mohammad alarimi

    Thanks a lot 🌺🌺🌺

  80. Rishika Pandey

    Who here like me haven’t dog but only see the dream of dog

  81. Mohammad alarimi

    شكرا جزيلا🌹

  82. Theo & The Bros

    Hey Zak! I just got a Mini Goldendoodle Theo and created a YouTube channel for him, so do you have any tips on how to improve a YouTube channel?

  83. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Has zak stopped hearting people now?

  84. Gwyn Gable

    You helped me so much I thank you

  85. s rizvi

    I love your work. God bless you and your family!

  86. Valeria Sarangova

    Thanks zak for these training videos and your books! I was able to not only teach my puppy manners but also to foster a strong loving bond with her!

  87. Art With Clement

    I can’t believe its been a year since this series has started, Inertia is a very fast learner


    Whoever dislikes videos I dislike you

    Edit: I wish for 100 subscribers

  89. Lexi Rodriguez

    OH MY GOODNESS!! I’m so early. 😍
    I love seeing Inertia as a puppy. Such a sweetheart! ❤ It’s hard to believe how big she’s gotten. You have done SO WELL with her Zak!!
    Great tips, thank you for this video. ☺️

  90. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Hey zak im getting a shepherd dog in a couple years (he)r name is Lex(i) pls notice you were such a big help!

  91. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Hey zak im getting a shepherd dog in a couple years (he)r name is Lex(i) pls notice you were such a big help!

  92. Laasya Nandini

    Hi Zak I actually have a doubt if both indy and inertia are girls so why don’t you have any dog babies ?

  93. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Hey zak im getting a shepherd dog in a couple years (he)r name is Lex(i)

  94. Saeed Younes

    I want a dog

  95. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Hey zak im getting a shepherd dog in a couple years (he)r name is Lex(i)

  96. Chandrasingh Sukumaran


  97. O’ Mahoney

    I have the problem of Olive dashing out the front door 🚪!
    You made a video about this issue.. I need to find it.

  98. Kyra Grant

    I have a question here :what is the daily amount of treats for a border collie pup for training?

  99. Grace Bloomer

    Earlyyyyy!!! I’m getting my dog in a week and I’m in the UK does anyone know any good places that big many dogs do their business for me to take him at first?

  100. Vishesh T Rao

    Hey bro I have trained my dog 13 tricks only by seeing your videos huge thanks 😊 it’s really easy to understand

  101. Josie Tronson

    Thanks for the training Tips

  102. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am 20th

  103. Claire Linsenmeyer

    I’m getting a puppy today!!!!Your videos have helped me so much! Thanks

  104. Steve The Kitty

    I’ve been here since you got inertia and I can’t believe how much she has grown.
    I really wish I had a dog to put all this info to use

  105. Piano 57

    Is there a single dog food sponsor video where Zak doesn’t eat the food meant for inertia 😂😂😂

  106. Nada Halawa

    Look at inertia just on her back begging for attention! She’s so cute 🥰

  107. Arya Vuppala

    You have amazing content keep it up

  108. Pluto_STAR

    I am the 40 second like

  109. Paula Silva

    I love your videis

  110. Vaishnavi Thakur


  111. Alexia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Dog Lover

    Zak helps me train my dogs everyday now they are so well behaved
    Thanks Zak

  112. Kira Moraes

    Yes!! I have an 11 week old Border collie! Love you zak

  113. 9th G Swayam Pisute

    I can’t teach anything to my dog 😭 zak help me she always me bite I can’t teach anything

  114. LST 07

    Your videos are the best 😀

  115. Poppy D

    Thank you so much, you have helped me so much with training my puppy!! 🙏🙏💘

  116. Marinjeans 33

    I’m getting a dog in October and your videos are so helpful! Thanks Zak!

  117. NoL_shock

    Love your vids hope you heart this comment

  118. Saeed Younes

    Love you keep up the good work

  119. Aaron Rattan

    I’m getting a gerberian Shepsky 🥰

  120. Joy Chong

    someone early : says sum funny
    others: COPY N PASTE

  121. Ted M Mutie

    hi i am getting a dog and i love watchimg your videos

  122. Pranav P

    one of the first to see



  124. Saksham Tripathi

    first comment please like

  125. TayOwBow

    Love your vids Zak, your teaching everyone to train their dogs without harming or punishing your dogs. Well done 👏

  126. Tim Porter

    I have a dog

  127. Aanjali Rajah

    Me too

  128. Aum Patel

    IM getting a dog

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