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6 good ways to challenge dogs


Just like people, dogs are tired of the same ancient daily life. Keeping them mentally challenged and constantly exposing them to new things is as important as taking them for a walk and exercising them. Bored dogs will have destructive behaviors and will release negative energy on furniture and other things.

Here are some innovative ways to stimulate the dog’s thinking so as not to make them feel bored and misbehave:

1. Research new techniques

Every time you let a dog participate in a training course, you are presenting a psychological challenge to the dog. Search for new techniques around. If you are going to skip the basic commands, please refer to books, browse the Internet and ask instructors about new techniques and training ideas.

“My dog ​​Vince recently turned 4, so I finally enrolled him in the obedience school. It changed our lives. Now, in the days when I made new tricks for him, I noticed His temperament has calmed down. Challenging him mentally can reduce his anxiety a lot, and he becomes more relaxed in other dogs. Vince proved that old dogs can definitely learn new tricks.” – Sarah Sara Hicks

2. Play interactive games or toys with the dog

Buy dog ​​board games or dog puzzles to challenge your puppy. Let your dog participate in the “dog memory” or “domino” game. Give your dog one of many toys, which allows you to hide snacks and objects inside and let your dog figure out how to deal with them.

“It sounds silly, but I bought this board game, I saw it in the store, and let my dog ​​Snickers play with me. I put the snacks under a nail, and she had to find out You can find the snacks by lifting up the snacks. There is another version, I covered the snacks with this piece of plastic, and the Snickers had to rotate the wooden board to find the snacks. This really brought her a challenge, I saw her ‘S brain worked so hard to figure everything out.”-Donna Marr

3. Run errands with your dog

Even a quick run to the mailbox, a stopover at a friend’s house, or a car wash will bring your dog face to face with various stimuli.

“Even just taking Ryker in a car or washing a car is very exciting for him. He can see many different sights and sounds, and experience new situations. He likes to walk and becomes so excited. I can see his brain went all out. When we got home, he fell asleep, even if it didn’t take much effort.”-Jennifer Brody

4. Give your dog a job

Dogs can complete tasks such as hunting and grazing. When they are unable to perform these duties, they become restless. Let your dog participate in a frisbee game. Let him participate in sports such as agility or flying ball. Take him for a walk, hike, or swim. Look for a job that can satisfy your dog’s breed. For example, if you have a retriever, there is nothing more satisfying than a fulfilling acquisition game.

“I can take my dog ​​for a walk or run, but the thing that really makes her happiest is a hearty game of teasing. I take the tennis racket to the dog park and hit the ball as much as possible. She will do it again and again. Bring it to me, just like her job.” -John Kurmai

5. Introduce new faces to your dog

Whenever your dog meets a new person or companion dog, they will be taken to new sights, sniffing in sounds and cigarette butts. Bringing your puppies to places like dog parks will provide him with ample opportunities to use his senses.

“I often take Bruiser to the dog park he absolutely loves! Bruiser keeps meeting new friends there and finds that people are sniffing and being petted. This really made his hearing better and lessened Anxious and really more satisfied.” –Kat Malkowych (Kat Malkowych)

6. Give them new toys and rotate old ones

Don’t you want to play the same thing every day? Well, you should not expect your dog to continue to fall in love with his toys for months. Give him a toy to play with for a few days, and when he gets tired of the toy, change to another toy.

“Mugri has a lot of toys, but it’s still boring. It’s ridiculous! I’ve been bringing new toys into the house, but he can’t concentrate, so I can only let him play for a while. We started to take all his Put toys in a trash can in the closet and spin them out. He has too many toys now. We will exchange for a new one with a toy he has used for many years and may have forgotten. He loves this, whenever When we switch between them, he will be as excited as receiving a brand new toy.” –Katie Adams

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