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5 ways to make walking more fun


The dog needs a walk. Walking provides them with exercise, helps you consolidate your position as Pack Pack Leader, and brings fun to each other.
But when this fun is gone, and you and your dog seem to be experiencing exercise, bored and waiting to walk over to go home, what will you do? It doesn’t have to be this way. We have proposed five dog tricks designed to relieve boredom for you and your puppy.

  1. Walk less
    Many dog ​​lovers come up with a route that works for them and stick to it forever because that is the easiest thing, but over time, this may bore you and your dog. If you want to make things come alive, you can make small changes, such as going in the opposite direction the next time you walk, or trying something completely different, and then heading to the park or hiking on the dog-friendly beach.
  2. Separate
    Even if you take a different route, the simple procedure of going out for a walk, walking for a while and then returning to your hometown will quickly get old. Bring back some fun by planning walks for other activities, such as going to a dog-friendly restaurant for dinner or shopping in a dog-friendly store. When you are done, you can continue walking and be happy that you have also completed another task.
  3. Join the obedience training course
    Another way to interrupt walking is to make it part of obedience training. When your dog raises its foot, stop so that you can correct their behavior and continue walking until they calm down. Bring snacks to reward good behavior and use Leader If your dog does not show it right away, you can prevent yourself from getting frustrated.
  4. Walk with other dog owners
    No one says that your dog is not a good person, but sometimes it is nice to chat with other people when going for a walk. Therefore, call some friends or introduce yourself to other dog owners nearby to see if you can meet your dog several times a week. If you are really ambitious, you can even build your own dog walking club.
  5. Complement walking with recreational time
    Walking is not only about walking. Another way you can split is to carry some toys with you and play some game time. One of the best ways is to walk to the park and bring a frisbee, ball or tug-of-war toy to have fun with the dog when you are out. Just remember to let your dog walk quietly from the side or behind you for 20 or 30 minutes to win game time.

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