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5 tips to help your dog settle down

Adopting a dog is a beneficial emotional experience. You have taken this opportunity to give worthy animals a new good life, and you have the right to be proud and excited about your new BFF. It is tempting to introduce your new puppy to all your friends and family immediately, almost irresistible. However, since you are a new pet parent, it is also important to consider what is best for your dog. Relaxing during the first week of your dog’s new life is a great way to help them adjust to their new environment and get to know you better.

1. Decompression link

For dogs, life in the shelter is busy. A lot of loud noises, bright lights and excessive stimulation will affect the psychology of rescue dogs, and then affect their behavior. Adjusting to the sights, sounds and smells of a new home is an exciting but irresistible experience for dogs. The best way to decompress your dogs and release the stress they feel while living in a shelter is to allow them time to adjust to the new environment and the people in it, and then introduce them to too many non-family members.

2. Routine Rock

The breakfast and dinner times in the shelter are likely to be different from the breakfast and dinner times in your home. There is no need to adjust your daily routine to try to match the feeding time of the shelter, but it is helpful to have your dog follow the daily feeding schedule. Your dog will spend less time wondering when their next meal is and will have more time to get to know you and their new house.

3. A space

It is perfectly normal to want to snuggle your new dog, stay close to them, and never let them leave your sight. If you have a dog who wants to be hugged, loved, and played all day… then go! However, it is important to consider that not all dogs are the same, and your new dog may need some space. If your puppy keeps a distance, don’t think too much. They will not hide from you; they just need some time to build trust and gain confidence. If you have a shy dog, try to sit in the middle of the floor and avoid eye contact. Keep calm and speak in a warm and happy voice until your new dog gains some confidence. As their curiosity takes over, they will get closer and closer. Stretch out one hand, palm up, and put a small snack in the middle. Ask your dog to remove the snacks from the palm of your hand, and if they want, scratch them gently under the chin. Practicing this exercise will help your shy dog ​​believe that you are a friend and not an enemy.

4. Rest in the bathroom

Regardless of whether your new dog has gone bankrupt, or if they have not fully mastered the art of going to the bathroom outside, taking your puppy to the bathroom often is a good way to avoid any accidents and unnecessary stress at home. It is important to remember that before your puppy recognizes your house as their home, they may be a little disoriented, and no matter how well they train, they may run away. Using a leash when leaving any fenced area, keeping an eye on your dog when you are alone in the yard, implanting your dog with microchips and buying them with newer label collars are all great ways to avoid accidental escape from stress. Need help with your dog burglary? Check out our article S#*! What happened: 3 tips for letting dogs into the room.

5. Toys, toys, toys!

A dog will never have too many toys! Feel free to go crazy and spoil your puppy with different types of toys. When your dog starts to relax, relax and adjust to your home, their personality will bloom and you will understand what type of toys your dog likes to play with. Whether your dog likes squeaky toys, balls, ropes, bones or interactive toys, it’s important to make sure that the toys you give your dog can be chewed safely without any small parts or them that might be choked on by them Something to eat. Game time is combined time. The more you play with your new dog (if they want to play), the stronger the bond between you will be and the quicker they will adapt to their new life.

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