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5 cool tricks to teach your dog

We all love the idea of ​​having a well-trained dog that sticks to every word – and now that your puppy has all the basics, it’s time to move on to more advanced dog training techniques. These cool dog tricks may take more time to master than learning to walk on a leash, but they’re absolutely worth it.

Some of these fun dog tricks are based on mastering basic dog training skills. So if you need a refresher, read our article first.

How to draw your dog’s attention to learning dog tricks

If you have a dog that pays attention to you when asked, it is ready to listen to you. This is the first step in any other part of your advanced puppy training. The following fun dog tricks require your puppy’s attention to start the learning process. There is no point in asking your dog something if his thoughts are elsewhere!

Teach your puppy to look at you when you say his name. This is something you should have been doing since puppy age, but this is a good time to refresh yourself. Have treats in your pocket while in the house or in the garden. At different times when your dog is not expecting you, say his name brightly and enthusiastically. When they look at you, drop a treat between you on the floor so the dog approaches you to get the treat.

You teach the puppy that its name means “give me your attention and good things are happening”. Start with when there are no distractions and build it up until you can do it anywhere, no matter what is happening. Such a positive association is an important step in advanced dog training.

Top tips for teaching your dog tricks

  • Be patient. It may take a few days for your dog to master these advanced tricks. Arm yourself with patience and goodies before each session.
  • Keep the sessions short. Even if you are the master of your puppy’s attention, dogs will no longer be interested in what to say if the training lasts forever. Limit sessions to a few minutes each. It is better to do several short dog tricks per day than one long one that lasts all afternoon.
  • Don’t scold your dog. They do their best to learn. Even if it takes longer than expected, keep calm and keep the workout entertaining and exciting. This way, your dog is more likely to enjoy it and be more willing to go through many iterations of the same routine to get it right.

5 cool dog tricks to teach your dog friend

Teach your dog to turn around.

A dog that falls into a role every time it hears the signal will impress even the most distracted viewer. This popular dog trick is much easier for dogs who are already familiar with the “down” command. As soon as this is mastered, get your favorite treat and start training.

  1. Let your dog lie down
  2. Get the goodies out and start luring them to a full roll.
  3. Move the treat from the nose to the shoulder. If the dog follows the treat, you will notice that it starts rolling while pursuing its reward.
  4. Sometimes dogs stop after moving their heads or fall helplessly to the floor while sitting on their side. If so, keep moving the tidbit and pause in each of the following phases to receive praise: resting on your back, sitting on the other side, and finally getting up.
  5. When the entire roll is done, repeat the process and add the Roll Over command. Don’t forget to shower them with praise and rewards for their amazing performance!
  6. The ultimate goal is that your dog can only do the trick based on your verbal cue. After all, if he feels more comfortable rolling, you can no longer use the goodies.

Teach your dog to “play dead”

Turn your dog into a dog thespian with this cool dog trick. Although it takes a little practice and patience, your dog will soon fascinate the home crowd with its acting skills.

If the dog has already cracked the “rollover” routine, the trick with the dead dog is child’s play.

  1. Let your dog sit down.
  2. Place it close to your nose with a treat, then move it towards your shoulder so that it falls to one side.
  3. As soon as you are in this position, give them the signal “play dead” and reward them with the reward.
  4. To make the drama more intense, leave the dog on his back instead and change the verbal hint from “play dead” to “bang”. Such an impressive dramatic performance certainly deserves at least an Oscar!

Teach your dog how to spin around

This dog trick is also a great exercise. Whether you do a crescent moon or a full twist, it is sure to become one of the best tricks you will ever teach your dog. Pick up a few goodies and start training.

  1. Show your dog his favorite treat and move him close to the nose.
  2. Slowly draw the circle of air that your dog should follow for this trick with the treat. If your dog keeps an eye on the enjoyment, it starts to turn.
  3. Once they have formed a complete circle, say the command “turn around” and give them their reward.
  4. Repeat this sequence a few more times until the dog is confident enough to do the trick without being tempted by goodies.
5 Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Teach your dog how to do high five

Every owner needs a way to celebrate the success of their teamwork with their dog, and it could be just the thing to fuck each other. For this cool dog trick, choose a treat your dog will find irresistible and follow the steps below:

  1. Let your dog sit.
  2. Show your dog the treat to arouse their interest.
  3. Then hold the treat in your palm and while placing your hand vertically (with the treat facing the dog), place your fingers over it.
  4. At this point, your dog should try to smell the treat, or even lick it. Wait until they try to get it with their paw, then say the command “high-five”.
  5. If the dog is valuable for its high-five and does not offer the paw, you can lift it yourself and touch it against your hand.
  6. Repeat this a few times and when the dog completes his high five alone, reward him with a treat from your other hand.
  7. When the dog gets used to this new greeting, you can completely remove the treat to encourage the dog to offer his paw only based on your high-five command.

Teach your dog to “go backward”

Is there anything nicer than a dog walking the moon? Teaching this dog trick is your chance to get your own puppy to run backwards like a pro.

  1. Let your dog stay.
  2. Then step back from your dog.
  3. Make sure you’ve got your dog’s attention and then move towards it. Some dogs may have a natural instinct to secure themselves when they see you walking towards them.
  4. If your dog does not run back at this point, you can try again. This time, hold a treat over your head as you walk towards it.
  5. As soon as they go backward, say your command and offer a reward.
  6. You can use a narrow corridor at the beginning to give your dog less freedom of movement.

Ultimately, these advanced dog training techniques are a fun and exciting bonding experience that prepares you for a happy and healthy life together.

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