4 Puppy Questions Answered - Puppy Behavior and Training
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4 Puppy Questions Answered – Puppy Behavior and Training

In this Q&A Video, I address 4 questions for viewers all related to puppy questions, behaviors, and more. Here are the questions in this video:

What’s the Best Age to Train a Dog?
How to Teach a 9-Month-old Malinois Not to Jump?
Puppies Only Listen 1 on 1.
My Puppy Gets Scared at Neighbor’s Dogs.

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6 Thoughts to “4 Puppy Questions Answered – Puppy Behavior and Training”

  1. TahaKhanDoThis

    Hi Robert, I want a dog in the future but the dog will have to be outside the main house but will have its own room(shelter area) with a radiator and fan in the garden for hot and cold weather. The dog will mostly be a guard dog. It will have shelter and I am going to be spending most of the time with it anyway. Since it will be a guard dog I think it will be fine but I don’t want to cause the dog any problems? Is this fine or should I not get a dog?

  2. Deborah Anderson

    I appreciate you trying to educate peole in regards to their dogs. I wish more people cared about their dogs than about themselves.

  3. krazyjoe1994

    Hi Robert your videos are always amazing and they have helped me so much in raising my husky lurcher mix (he’s 18 months now).
    He’s really good around everyone he meets. His commands are all great in and out of the house but we do tend to walk a distance away from other dogs as he likes to lunge towards them. Though he has as of recent slowly stopped lunging at other dogs on walks (he wants to play all the time). Unfortunately, the other day a dog ran up to him whilst he was on leash, my dog didn’t start playing straight away which I was proud of, but 5 seconds later they broke out into a fight ! Since that day I’m weary of him meeting other dogs. I fear that the lack of contact with other dogs may have made him aggressive. Any advice on this ?

  4. Jannell Meagher

    Most of us Guide Dog Raisers receive the pups at around 9wks. Training begins immediately. Plus, their training had begun before we received them as well. Perfect video, Robert.

  5. Rhoda Chavez

    Absolutely, i encounter this all the time. People saying “when their puppy gets old enough they will take it to start training with a trainer”. Start now with simple things as you said

  6. Nathan M

    Thanks a heap for what you teach Robert

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