4 Great Dog Training Questions - Dog Training Tips
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4 Great Dog Training Questions – Dog Training Tips

This dog training Q&A answers the following questions:

How quickly should a dog learn new things?
When to use a prong collar vs a slip lead?
Protection training for a BRT Black Russian Terrier?
My Dog stops learning with treats…

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17 Thoughts to “4 Great Dog Training Questions – Dog Training Tips”

  1. Robert Cabral

    for FULL access to all of my dog training lessons and videos:

  2. Kerry Drake

    Would an “out” command be different than a “drop it”… is one better than another? 11 week old rottie cross rescue.

  3. كابتن أمجد بجبوج

    How to train a dog who doesn’t want a treat or a ball or anything specialy if he is not young

  4. Johnny Sang

    I’m a simple man. I see a Robert Cabral video and hit like before watching.

  5. Phillip M

    ??? I have 2 gsd brothers. 16 months..76 and 85 lbs respectively. I got them at 12 months. They have wonderful demeanors. They had virtually no training when I got them. The prior owner did socialize them with people. The dogs were not allowed in the house, and not allowed to jump..I have been leash training and working on basic obedience sit, stay recall. One of the two dogs is more of a leader, the other (85 pounder) is happy to follow. I train with a choke chain…I am making progress with the choke but it seems as though I am constantly giving slight corrections to the dog that is more of a leader. The other seems to comply easily and quickly. I have never used a prong collar, but I have been researching them and have watched your videos on prong collars. Is this tool a good choice even though I am making progress with a choke? Should I use it with the more compliant dog? These dogs got a late start to training. I love my dogs and want to do the best I can for them, they are powerful animals and I have got to have verbal and physical control of them. I do not compete I’m just a dog owner who wants well trained dogs. Thanks for any advise..

  6. Phillip M

    Great topics

  7. Shana Karlsen

    How do u teach a double down? Completely flat out down

  8. Anja Urbanc

    I know that you use martingales and prongs early on in dog’s training. I personally love your approach and have learned, and applied successfully, a lot. But my dog is on a harness, and I’ve never felt I needed anything else but treats and a firm no when needed. I personally don’t understand the use of those tools when a dog is well behaved and cooperative – and even many unwanted behaviors can be fixed differently. How come you use them in everyday training?

  9. David Saunders

    Thank you

  10. TiNY Labs

    Thanks again for all the videos! I commented on a past video saying I wouldn’t teach my dog heel on the left side because we drive on the right side of the road. We recently dialed in foose for left side and heel for right just to make the traditionalist’s happy 😂 another trick in the books!

  11. petra beeny

    Hi I might have missed the what age can you use or put the pro collar on I have a 9week old gsd is it to soon ?

  12. MansterBear

    12 week GSD female:
    How do you transition from your “arrow” technique of down, stand, sit, to getting them to down without having to lure them?

    I started tapping my foot on the ground to get her to ‘down’, and she did… but now she thinks she has to put her paws on my feet when she downs lol.
    Also, she does down half the time now when I say sit.

  13. R E Malm

    … Good Morning …

  14. Vegan Power Couple

    Great video!!

  15. Theodore Hyatt


  16. Theodore Hyatt

    I don’t think people understand that Dog’s are protective in nature 1.5 yrs old they don’t get it but they will and some are never going to be that way until the chips are down then look out

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