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3 things every dog ​​wants you to know

Whether you own a dog, 10 dogs, or you are just an aspiring pet parent, these three tips will help you understand your canine friends and make them wobbly for more dogs.

X and O

The history of embrace is entirely human. Like humans, dogs desire touch and love. Unlike humans, dogs are not equivalent to the warm embrace and tight squeeze of love. For most dogs, hugging feels like a confusing trap. We don’t know, our dog may be thinking: Why is this person squeezing me? Ouch! That hurts! Or how can I get rid of this situation?

To avoid putting any dog ​​in an uncomfortable or messy situation, skip the hugs and scratch under your chin, place a soft pet behind your ears or rub your abdomen.

Not all dogs think, feel or act in the same way. If you have a dog that likes to hug, go for it! Remember, just because your dog likes your hug, it doesn’t mean they will like a stranger’s hug. Preventing children or guests from hugging your dog is the best way to keep everyone (including Fido) safe and happy.

Brain game

Physical exercise is a key factor in the health and longevity of you and your dog. Sometimes nature hinders us from outdoor adventures. Fortunately for us, exercising your dog’s mind is as exhausting as exercising their body.

Playing games, such as finding and treating roulette or simply teaching your dog a new trick, is a great way to stimulate their mind and body. Playing brain games with your dog can reduce stress and is fun for everyone!

Not in the mood to play games? Educational toys and bones are another great way to keep your dog in a mental state.

Fido says

Just because your dog is barking at one person or another does not mean that they are showing aggressiveness or intent to harm.

In the dog world, not all bark is created equal. Similar to how humans manipulate pitch and volume, dogs can also modify their bark to express different meanings. “Dogs may be able to subtly change their voices to produce a variety of different sounds, which may have different meanings. Dogs may even change their voices in ways that other dogs know but humans do not know” (

Since we (currently!) cannot understand what our dogs are saying, studying your dog’s body language is a great way to get clues about how they feel and what they are trying to communicate.


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