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3 simple indoor games to become impressive outdoor skills

It may be snowy or rainy, or you are trapped indoors or working at home, or the car is in a store. Regardless of the motivation, playing these three indoor games with the dog will help your well-trained puppies while adventuring outdoors. Impress your friends and family with the dog’s new skills, and have confidence in your “on” or “off” leash walking.

1. Find it

Found that this is an excellent game that can play your dog’s natural sense of smell. First, please grab a toy, such as a gap or a ball, where you can hide delicious snacks. Put the snack in the toy and place it in your hand. If your dog is in another room and you can “hide” the toy within sight, do it now. If your dog is looking at you like an eagle, either put it in a sit-down or use a leash while you stroll around the house with a toy-filled with snacks. The goal is to keep your dog on a leash around you and “hide” the toy somewhere.

Next, give your dog to the toy, and then say “Find it!” When they see the toy, say “Good to find it!” and reward your dog with the toys and snacks inside. Keep playing this game and increase the difficulty of hiding points. Eventually, you will be able to hide toys under objects or even in drawers. When your dog is playing the game, they are learning the “find” command.

When you set out for your next outdoor adventure, or even in the backyard, bring toys and hide them in a creative place. When you say “find it”, your dog will exercise its brain and body while looking for toys and treatments.

2. Hide N seek

Hide N’Seek is a game for your dog to remember or “come”. It is very important to build established and obedient memories. Saying your dog’s name and not getting a response is frustrating, and it is also dangerous. If your dog slipped its collar or slipped out of the front door, make sure that the simple “Puppy, puppy, puppy is coming!” will make your dog turn around, which can save their lives and save you A lot of pressure.

To play games internally, you must first get a special treatment (which is usually not as good for your dog as these liver treatments). Squat at the height of the dog and let them slowly lick or chew the food between the fingers. When they lick, say their name gently three times, and then add the word “come”. “Tucker, Tucker, here comes Tucker!” Spread his fingers slightly, and when they finished the treatment, they said “OK!” Do this several times. Next, either let your dog sit quietly, or let your friends or family members grab their collar when you enter the next room. Once you and your dog are separated, tell your memories and let the person holding the dog let go. Your dog will look for you. Once your dog finds you, you may need to repeat the recall to help them find you, say “OK!” excitedly and give them special treatment. As you hide in the room farther and farther away from the starting point of the dog, you can increase the difficulty of the game.

“Hide N’Seek” teaching lays the perfect foundation for forceful recall and brings fun to your dog indoors.

3. Give and receive

Giving and receiving are the starting point for a successful game. To play, you need a dumbbell toy or similar, which is easy for your dog to hold their mouth and easy to retract. First, put the toy in your hand, and then ask the dog to gently remove it from you when it says “take away.” When they pick up the toy, say “OK!” to reward them. Next, (you may need to get some snacks) say “Give” and at the same time gently take out the toy from the dog or replace the toy with snacks. When your dog releases the toy to you, say “OK!” Repeat this operation until your dog starts to understand the meaning of the “given” and “get” commands. Sit the dog quietly and throw toys to make the game more challenging. Sit quietly and say “Take!” to release your puppies and let them return to you, and release the toy with the “give” command.

Giving and receiving is a great way to teach your dog’s mouth to be gentle. You can take the game to the expert level by associating words with specific objects and assigning tasks such as “getting the newspaper” and “delivering the newspaper” to your dog. Soon, you will get a very obedient dog, which will play and take things in the house or yard.

Final Results

No matter what game you choose to play with your dog, remember that exercising your mind is as important as exercising. “Find”, “Hide” and “Choose” are three simple and fun indoor games that will transform into outdoor obedience and joy.

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