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Did you know that dry dog ​​food will lose nutrients over time if not properly stored? Purchasing dog food in bulk saves money and is a necessity when you have multiple pets. Figuring out what to do with the leftovers can be a challenge. Maybe one of the DIY dog food storage Ideas will work in your home.

Storing dog food is not something to be taken lightly. If you don’t get it right, you will be wasting money even if you buy the best dog food. If the food goes bad or loses some of its nutritional value, your dog could even get sick from eating it.

If you improperly store your dog’s food, he may also be able to access it and eat more than he should. The best dog food storage options are easily accessible for the owner, but difficult for a dog to open their nose.

DIY dog food storage
3 simple ideas

My first idea is to a. to use Plastic bags to create a raised dog feeder with storage space. I demonstrate this in my video tutorial above, but it’s a pretty straightforward process. The size of the plastic bag depends on the amount of dog food you buy at one time.

I buy dog ​​food in 25-pound bags. I use a 32-ounce plastic bag that leaves plenty of room for the dog food and bowls. You need to choose a bag that is suitable for the amount of food and the size of your dog’s bowls.

Trace the edge of your dog’s bowls on the lid of the bag. Cut out a circle that is just slightly smaller than the edge of the bowl. This enables a small lip that holds the bowl in place. You can remove the lid to access the food.

If you are familiar with woodworking tools or know someone who can, you might be one Wooden box of a similar design (like the one in the photo above). You could put an access door on the side of the box or have a liftable lid.

My third DIY dog food storage idea is to use one Plastic or metal trash can with a lid. This is a very simple idea, but you can embellish the trash can with custom stickers or some color markers (like this one).

Even the best and highest quality dog ​​food can develop bacteria, become rancid, develop mold, or be attacked by rodents and insects if stored incorrectly. These DIY dog food storage containers will protect your pet’s food and suit your decor.

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