2 Dogs Fighting at Home - HELP - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video
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2 Dogs Fighting at Home – HELP – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

How to resolve when two dogs are fighting in the household.

Giving you the best life with your dog is my mission.

Whether you are training for competitive obedience or just want to be the best dog parent possible.

Dog training will give you the best relationship and communication with your dog!

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8 Thoughts to “2 Dogs Fighting at Home – HELP – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. JM Marshall

    Same here—-have 3 but the 2 males sometimes get carried away and the growling and posturing is more than we care to hear so a very loud KNOCK IT OFF sends them in different directions. Works every single time. It’s a great dog pack…and they all love each other most the time.

  2. Gypsy Feet

    Thank you for this video! 
    Where I live (including 9 week old puppies from an oopsy and people who rent rooms) there are 13 or so K9s on the property. I have been making suggestions to the owners of the other dogs that aren’t ‘part of my circus’ because in this environment it is crucial that all of the animals have the same boundaries. The play fighting between K9s can get pretty wild so we do keep on them. I thought the females were just being bullies because I did not have the awareness that they tend to dominate. Could you do another video and expound some? I’d like to know how they pick their pack order and how this play fighting plays into it.

  3. Rachel Rachel

    I adopted 2 dogs. They we’re fine at the rescue together but now at our home, they’ve trun on each other. One of the dogs has neurological problems most likely from abuse and maybe so genuinely? He can’t seem to get over the fight they had and have to be separated at all times. Any suggestions? 🙏

  4. Theresa w

    You are so right! My pups do this and I say that exact thing “Knock it off” You a awesome trainer!

  5. Jeannie patterson

    Love it!!!

  6. Vitelline

    what if they do it when you’re not at home and then things get serious?

  7. Joshua Coombs

    Happy veterans day, even If you’re not, enjoy the day and thank you for all the dog training tips.

  8. Joshua Coombs

    Yes, I’m first

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