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19 top dog training books for every kind of dog

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19 top dog training books for every kind of dog


Searching for meaningful dog training suggestions on the Internet is almost impossible to know whether what you find is knowledge based on science, knowledge shared by certified professional dog trainers, or methods of ignorant self-taught dog whispers . This is just one of the reasons why a well-researched dog training book is the most trusted source for understanding dog behavior.

cultural conflict

“cultural conflict”

A solid introduction and scientifically reliable guides are helpful for active reinforcement.

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Nowadays, training books are very rich. They can be in e-book or audio format, or in a paper version. As a professional dog trainer, these 19 dog training books cover the set of books I most recommend to customers, from starting puppies to teaching new skills to deal with behavioral challenges.

The best general dog training book

“Cultural Clash” by Jean Donaldson

This is one of the best introductions to active intensive training there. It is small, but full of insight into the dog’s thoughts (can I eat? Can I pee? What is good for me?) and how to communicate to change its behavior from unwelcome behavior to Unwelcome behavior. ideal.

This book contains many exercises on how to teach basic tips (such as “keep” and “come”) for beginners, intermediate and advanced versions.

cultural conflict

“cultural conflict”

A solid introduction and scientifically reliable guides are helpful for active reinforcement.

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Karen Pryor’s “Don’t Shoot” training book

This book is written by the champion of Clicker training. This book on positive reinforcement training is interesting and easy to read. Pryor pointed out that whether you use clickers or not, the principles that shape dog behavior apply to any animal-from swimming dolphins to messy roommates.

Don't shoot

“Don’t Shoot Dogs”

Interesting and useful methods of various behaviors from Clicker training champions.

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“The other end of the belt” by Patricia McConnell

This beautifully written book is full of anecdotes that help us explain why we act on dogs and how changing our own behavior can help change their behavior. For dog owners who want to establish partnerships with their pets and good training habits, this is a very wise book.

The other end of the belt

“The other end of the belt”

The new perspective on our relationship with dogs compares the behavior of dogs and their parents.

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“The Power of Dog Training” by Pat Miller

In this book, Pat Miller eliminates the guesswork in dog training through a unique six-week plan to establish impulse control and help your dog make positive choices.

The power of active dog training

“The Power of Active Dog Training”

You need a complete set of active training tools to spend a lifetime of happiness and respect for the dog.

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Dr. Yin Sufen’s “How to behave in a dog” training book

The highly respected veterinary behaviorist Sophia Yin guides readers through the science of dog learning and behavior. The training manual delves into the key theoretical concepts in easy-to-understand language and shows you how to apply them to the well-behaved pups.

How to behave so your dog behaves

“How to behave, so your dog behaves”

Learn more about how to effectively understand and communicate with your dog.

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Victoria Stilwell’s “Is Me or Dog: How to Raise the Perfect Pet”

A comprehensive guide to raising healthy, happy, and well-trained dogs. In this book, Stilwell introduces you to the best methods of nutrition, exercise, communication, and entertainment.

It's me or a dog: how to raise the perfect pet

“It’s me or a dog: how to raise the perfect pet”

Through these simple, intuitive instructions, train your dog and learn how to deal with new problems.

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“Dog Language” training book by Roger Abrantes

This encyclopedia-style training book translates the dog’s body language and facial expressions to help you better understand and communicate with puppies.

Dog language

“Dog Language”

The dog’s behavior, vocabulary, and comprehension (with illustrations) are included in 300 items.

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“101 Dog Skills: Step-by-Step Activities to Interact, Challenge and Combine with Dogs” by Kyra Sundance and Chalcy

A simple guide for establishing basic prompts such as “sit down” and “stay”, and entertaining techniques such as “bring me a beer” and “bow”. On rainy days, this training book is endless fun for you and your dog!

101 Dog Skills: Step-by-step activities for interacting with dogs, challenging and restraining

“101 Dog Skills: Step-by-Step Activities to Interact, Challenge and Connect with Dogs”

Challenge your dog mentally and physically when combining skills training.

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Pamela Reid’s “Excellence in Learning” Dog Training Book

An advanced dog training guide that breaks the science of dog learning and behavior acquisition. Although Reid’s book is designed for dog trainers, “Excel Certified Learning” is a useful book for people who want to take their dog’s abilities and abilities to a new level.

Excellent study

“Excellent learning”

Speed ​​up the dog’s training progress by discovering how the dog learns.

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The best dog training book: puppies!

“The Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start the Right Puppy” by Dr. Sophia Yin

A simple must-have guide for all new puppy parents. Yin uses pictures and “how-to” exercises to help you start pup training on the sole of your right foot.

The perfect puppy in 7 days: how to start your puppy correctly

“The perfect puppy in 7 days: how to start your puppy from the right angle”

Through these skills of training puppies, lay the foundation for a “good dog”.

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Dog Training Book “Before and After Adults” by Ian Dunbar

Dunbar is a pioneer in active intensive training. He wrote this puppy training book with the goal of making a structured but humorous observation on how to create a happy, healthy, and behaving dog.

Subdivided into six development deadlines, including social, biting, and house training, this is an important guide for DIY puppy training.

Before and after getting the puppy

“Before you get the puppy and after you get the puppy”

A structured but fun training program can improve your cub’s rights.

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“Puppy Primer” by Patricia B. McConnell and Brenda Scidmore

This comprehensive book is full of fun, easy-to-follow exercises, useful tips, and troubleshooting tips for raising puppies using science-based positive reinforcement methods.

Getting started with puppies

Getting started with puppies

The training guide is fascinating, humorous, and easy to follow.

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The best dog training book: Overcoming behavioral challenges

“Helping Your Dog of Fear: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help Your Dog Overcome Fear“Author: Nicole Wilde (Nicole Wilde)

An easy-to-follow guide for anyone who has fear or anxiety in their dogs. Wilde studied 15 common fears of dogs, including fear of strangers, fear of other dogs, and fear of cycling, and provided step-by-step instructions to reduce your sensitivity and counter-regulate your way. To increase confidence.

Help your dog of fear: a step-by-step guide to help your dog overcome fear

“Helping Your Dog Fear: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help Your Dog Overcome Fear”

Comprehensive treatment guidelines for canine anxiety, phobias, and phobias.

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“Cautious Dogs: How to Help Dogs Overcome Fear” by Patricia B. McConnell

Patricia McConnell has uncovered the mystery of desensitization and anti-conditioning concepts, which can help fearful dogs overcome anxiety. This book will help you identify the triggers of the dog and make a step-by-step plan to improve the dog’s quality of life.

Cautious Dogs: How to Help Dogs Overcome Fear

“Cautious Dogs: How to Help Dogs Overcome Fear”

This book can help you determine the triggers for dogs and develop a step-by-step plan to overcome their fears.

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“Infuriated, mad and mad: training a mad dog from the top to under control“(Author Laura VanArendonk Baugh)

This easy-to-understand book contains detailed advice that can give peace of mind to exhausted and over-dog families. This book is dedicated to solving family problems, such as hello through mat work and clicker training.

Fired, Crazy and Crazy: Train a mad dog from the top to under control

“Infuriated, mad and mad: training a mad dog from the top to under control”

Easy-to-use steps by award-winning trainer Laura VanArendonk Baugh.

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“Midnight Dog Dog: Positive and Positive Advice and Advice for Living with Reactive and Aggressive Dogs” By Annie Phenix

This book contains many practical examples, anecdotes, and tips on how to use weak, positive methods to restore a reactivity or traction dog.

Midnight Dog Dogs: Active training and practical advice for living with reactive and aggressive dogs

“Midnight Dog Dogs: Active Training and Practical Recommendations for Living with Reactive and Aggressive Dogs”

A positive, science-based approach that can help dogs that are reactive and traction-aggressive.

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“Mine! A Practical Guide to Dog Resource Conservation“(Author Jean Donaldson)

Practical guidelines designed to address the innate behavior of protecting the resources needed (such as food, toys, favorite places, and people). Donaldson will walk you through the origins of resource conservation, how it behaves in puppy behavior, and how to exercise through it.

mine!A Practical Guide to Protecting Dog Resources

“My! A Practical Guide to Protecting Dog Resources”

Guidelines for identifying, evaluating, and treating resource protection.

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“Treatment of Separation Anxiety in Dogs” by Malena DeMartini-Price

In response to one of the toughest behavioral challenges, DeMartini-Price proposed a method she developed in the past decade that has helped hundreds of dogs overcome the panic that they felt when they were alone. This book simply explains why dogs develop separation anxiety and provide detailed step-by-step exercises that show how to solve it.

Treating separation anxiety in dogs

“The Dog Treating Separation Anxiety”

Explanation and treatment of separation anxiety in dogs.

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“Struggle! A Practical Guide to Aggressive Treatment in Dogs” by Jean Donaldson

This book deals with a challenging subject in a transparent way and provides practical advice for dogs that don’t play well with other animals. A good starting point to understand why your dog is aggressive and how to improve the relationship with your dog.

struggle!A practical guide to aggressive treatment of dogs

“Fight! A Practical Guide to Treating Dog Aggression”

With this practical guide, train your dog to play well with other people.

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