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14 dog snack pouches for a walk and training session


14 dog snack pouches for a walk and training session

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As most dog owners know, it is very convenient to have snacks nearby and ready to be distributed, especially if you are training a fat puppy or a walking hound with a nosed dog! The portable snack bag keeps pet snacks fresh and can be distributed at any time, which is very convenient as a reward for good behavior. Fortunately, there are a variety of snack bags that can help you actively enhance your dog’s good behavior.

Choosing the right snack bag is related to your needs as a pet owner. Maybe you can use a snack bag clipped on your pants or buckled on your waist to quickly retrieve snacks, or maybe a crossbody bag with multiple compartments can increase your speed.

Rebel Merchant

This lightweight pouch is made of waterproof fabric and has a small external pocket to store clickers or a roll of garbage bags. Critics say that the ergonomic design of this bag is not harmful to your hips.

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No matter which feature you like, you can find the most suitable (regardless of your budget) in this list of thirteen durable, convenient and highly rated snack bags. let’s start!

Top dog snack bag

1. Rebel Merchant

This Heather gray snack pouch from Ruffwear is ergonomically designed to fit your hips and is comfortable throughout the day. It is made of waterproof fabric to keep pets’ snacks dry even in rainy days.

It also has a unique magnet clasp, a small carabiner (to add a training click) and a small external pocket for everything from a poop bag to a spare door key.

In addition:

  • The pouch is big enough to carry snacks and dog toys
  • The reviewer said that you can hardly feel it when you fasten it, and you can comfortably shape your body
  • Can be worn on a belt or shoulder

Rebel Merchant

This lightweight pouch is made of waterproof fabric and has a small external pocket to store clickers or a roll of garbage bags. Critics say that the ergonomic design of this bag is not harmful to your hips.

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2. Chuckit Treat tote bag

If all you need is undecorated snack pouches, Chuckit Snack Tote is the perfect choice. This snack pouch can hold 1 cup of snacks and is sealed with a strap, which can easily throw away a snack for a good child while avoiding nasal mucus.

In addition, it is made of durable cloth-covered fabric and lined with lining to prevent wear and moisture.

Other features we like:

  • The simple and lightweight design is perfect for those who just want to carry snacks and nothing else
  • Drawstring closure ensures the freshness of snacks
  • The small and discreet design prevents the dog from being distracted during training

Chuckit Treat tote bag

For a simple snack bag, the drawstring closure and strong fabric make this dress much anticipated.

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3. PetSafe Snack Bag Campaign

If you are looking for a simple, low-profile snack bag, PetSafe Sport is another good choice.

Some notable features include:

  • Special hinges can be kept open so that snacks can be conveniently used when needed
  • You can choose to wear it on the waist or tie it on the waist
  • Front pocket can hold your phone and ID
  • Easy-to-clean waterproof lining

PetSafe Snack Bag Campaign

This low-profile snack bag has a special hinge to keep it open when you need to take out the snacks. In addition, its front pocket can hold your phone or ID.

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4. Kurgo Blue Dog Snack Bag

Kurgo’s snack bag can be customized through its modular Velcro design, allowing you to attach additional ID clips, belts or carabiner to the outside, and the inside can hold up to 12 ounces. Dry snacks (or 12 ounces can be given to you).

In addition, the backpack can be tightened with a strap and fixed to the belt with a safety buckle or a built-in buckle belt to achieve hands-free handling.

We also like:

  • Built-in zip pocket to store keys and other essentials
  • Compatible with Kurgo’s RSG harness and Active Utility Belt
  • Including carabiner

Kurgo Blue Dog Snack Bag

This large snack bag can hold 12 ounces. Snacks, and have a Velcro design that allows you to attach other clips, belts or carabiner to the outside.

In the chewy store

5. Paw Lifestyles Dog Snack Training Bag

This hard-working snack bag is also a stool bag and a small necessities bag, which can be worn in three different ways: at the waist, tied to a belt or carried on the shoulder like a wallet.

We also like:

  • Made of lightweight and strong nylon to protect snacks and items from the weather
  • Large capacity can easily store snacks, poop bags, and even park balls
  • The external zippered compartment is perfect for carrying mobile phones and ID documents

Paw Lifestyles Dog Snack Training Bag

This large-capacity snack bag can be worn in three different ways, and you can put your phone, key or ID in its outer pocket.

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6. Doggone good quick reward training package

Reviews indicate that this snack bag is a favorite of professional dog trainers because its large-capacity pouch has a magnetic strap that can work quickly and well.

The pouch is also waterproof and comes in four attractive colors.

The reviewers liked it because it was hands-free, and even if the other small zippered pockets were filled with other items, it was not large and bulky to carry.

Other notable features:

  • Available in blue, purple and red (plus basic black)
  • Clipped to or tied to the waist
  • Magnetic clasp is fast and easy to use

Doggone good quick reward training package

The magnetic strap on the snack bag allows you to quickly get the snacks, even if it has a large capacity, critics say that it is not too large to be carried with you.

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7 Goin’In Style Organizer

This multi-functional device not only has a special pocket for snacks, but also a separate pocket for storing poop bags and mobile phones.

It also cleverly incorporates a vinyl-lined zipper compartment to hold used garbage bags, and includes a charcoal pouch that can absorb odors. This package does contain everything.

We also like:

  • Various ways of wearing (crossbody bag or belt)
  • Key fob securely protects your key
  • Reasonable price; 100% cotton (without synthetic materials); is a company owned by women!

Goin’In Style Organizer

This 100% cotton snack bag has all the functions: a separate compartment for storing snacks, garbage bags, keys and mobile phones, and a charcoal pouch that absorbs odors.

Shopping at the wanderer store

8. Silicone dog snack bag

If cleaning the corners and crevices of a small fabric snack bag looks like a nightmare, then this silicone snack bag is perfect for you.

This BPA-free dishwasher safe bag is very easy to clean. It also has an easy-to-access magnetic buckle that can be easily clipped to your belt, and comes in a variety of interesting, bright colors.

Other advantages to consider:

  • Dishwasher is safe and good for particularly smelly food
  • Cheaper than other options on the market
  • Silica gel is light in weight

Silicone dog snack bag

This pouch is made of silicone material that can be washed in the dishwasher and is perfect for storing extra snacks.

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9. BeOneBreed Dog Snack Bag

This stylish BeOneBreed dog snack bag is made of vegan leather and is equipped with a magnetic closure to keep the snacks sealed and fresh.

We also like:

  • Concealed side pockets for easy access to the poo bag
  • With belt clip and loop, it can be carried hands-free
  • There are two sizes

BeOneBreed Dog Snack Bag

This snack bag is made of vegan leather and has a stylish appearance. It also has a hidden compartment for storing garbage bags.

In the chewy store

10. Partner bag magnetic snack bag

The pouch is designed for pet owners who want to avoid the use of clips and leashes. This slim, discreet pouch is fastened to trouser belts, tote bags, etc. by magnets.

Other things we like:

  • Doubles as a runner’s pouch, you can carry your keys, phone and cash with you during the journey
  • The small and strong magnet buckle makes it ideal for high-energy dog ​​activities
  • Waterproof inner bag can keep dry and fresh in heavy rain

Partner bag magnetic snack bag

If you want to avoid using belts and clips, then this slim pouch can be attached to your belt or handbag with magnets.

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11. PetAmi Dog Snack Bag

For those who want to avoid a super pragmatic look, PetAmi offers a more fashionable purse-style pouch that provides beautiful and bright colors. But it’s not just style. PetAmi’s snack bag is called a “training tote” because it has the ability to carry snacks, toys, clickers, poop bags, and other items you may need.

In addition, the removable belt allows you to carry this cute little bag in three ways: crossbody bag, waist or attached to the belt with a metal clip.

Other features of note:

  • Beautiful and versatile; can be hands-free
  • External poop bag dispenser on the back of the tote bag
  • Front zipper pocket for storing phone and ID card

PetAmi Dog Snack Bag

This stylish snack bag has enough space to hold snacks, clickers, trash bags, your phone and anything else you might need.

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12 Take out pet products Double Doodie snack and training bag

This dual-purpose tote bag offers something unique in the field of dog snack bags.

The bag has a unique half-moon shape and can be used as a dual purpose. It has a pocket for storing snacks and toys, and another pocket with a lined fragrance for storing poop bags.

You might also like:

  • Bright reflective fabric, suitable for walking at night
  • The bag is easily attached to the belt; very suitable for hands-free walking
  • The “Doodie” pocket is lined with two freshly scented sheets for discreet and mess-free storage until you find the trash can

Take out pet products Double Doodie snack and training bag

This brightly colored pouch can be easily fastened to the belt and has a separate compartment for snacks and garbage bags.

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13 Ezydog wearable dog snack bag

Ezydog’s 22-ounce snack pouch can be worn with a double belt hook or an adjustable belt.

Unlike many fabric snack bags, Ezydog considers cleanliness when designing cleaning bags. The inner lining can be pulled out for frosting.

More importantly, it has highly reflective trim, which is very suitable for outings with puppies.

Other notable qualities:

  • Front zipper pocket holds keys and other necessities
  • There are four bright colors
  • Convenient magnetic top opening and closing

Ezydog wearable dog snack bag

This 22-ounce snack bag has a removable liner and is easy to clean. It also has reflective decoration, suitable for night outings.

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14. TreatPod belt traction belt

This cute little bone-shaped belt attachment is very suitable for short-term harassment nearby.

This easy-to-use snack storage container can be buckled on your leash so that the snacks you need to successfully walk your dog are within easy reach.

TreatPod is also made of lightweight materials that are easy to clean, and it is waterproof and airtight to keep it fresh.


  • Ideal size to move quickly around the block
  • Can be clipped on belts, belts or any other belts
  • Available in blue and pink

TreatPod belt traction belt

This cute bone-shaped snack storage container is perfect for short-term harassment nearby.

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If you are looking for durable, versatile, high-quality dog ​​snack bags, then each of these fourteen rigorously reviewed options may meet different needs.

In the end, it just depends on what you (the dog owner) are looking for and how many kinds of food you want to bring!

No matter what kind of fantasy suits you, your dog will surely be happy that his favorite snack is close at hand!

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