10 Tips On How To Survive From a Tiger
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10 Tips On How To Survive From a Tiger

Tiger’s main course of the day can be a deer, an antel4ope, or a buffalo, but they surely would not hesitate to get their hands, or better say they deadly paws on a happy meal made out of a human, should they spot one in their territory.

Though there are estimated to be around 3,900 tigers left in the wild, we’re keeping our fingers crossed you won’t cross paths with one of them in your Safari voyages.

And just in case you find yourself in a misfortunate encounter with the striped beast, at least you’re already watching this video which can give you few survival clues.

00:00​ – Intro
00:50​ – Don’t Get Friendly
01:18​ – Inhale Deeply
01:42​ – Be Quiet
02:14 – Stand Tall and Bigger
02:40​ – Jumping Into Water Won’t Save You
03:03​ – The Tree is Your Best Friend
03:27​ – Hold Your Number One
03:51​ – Don’t Play Dead
04:03​​ – Fight Back
04:35 – Beware of Night-Time
05:01 – Outro

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20 Thoughts to “10 Tips On How To Survive From a Tiger”

  1. Lori Gulbranson

    Great video my friend

  2. tomislav simon

    “dont look at it dont look away,slowly back up as you push your friend forward”
    Bill Burr

  3. Steven Church

    “The Tiger has night vision goggles…”

  4. Ziitrix

    How to survive a dog attack

  5. The Artistic Drive

    Thanks, going to zoo tomorrow and this might come in handy😂

  6. Ushnish Das

    Watching from mangroves of Sunderbans
    Would work well for Zen tigers

  7. notsosilentmajority1

    They are incredible creatures with great size, strength and beauty.

  8. Joy diary

    Great power. 🐯My dog ​​is out once bitten 🐶💦

  9. Qasim Afham

    Thanks for this helpful video I really like this video

  10. Srikar reddy

    I’ve been almost killed by a leopard, but I had a knife which saved me, seriously surviving a tiger is extremely hard cus I couldn’t bare the attack of a 60 kilo cat,how would we survive a 250kilo furious beast

  11. Kaungmyat Paing

    No. 1 = never go to jungle on foot where tigers roam

  12. Mark Conrad O Mail

    Get tht will done beforehand

  13. Akash A

    Next I want to see HOW TO SURVIVE A HIPPO ATTACK

  14. yash kolte

    it was of great help

  15. Jeremias Heikkilä


  16. Ipoopsometimes Oprea


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