10 Tips How To Survive a Piranha Attack
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10 Tips How To Survive a Piranha Attack

Picture this image: It’s a hot summer and you are on some exotic Amazon vacations.

You decide to go on a little touring trip around wild nature.

But for some reason, your boat turns over and you fall into the still river.

Suddenly you become aware of that still warm water growing more bubbly and you feel little creatures near you.

You’re being surrounded by the not sot friendly fishes called the Piranhas.

There are around 60 different species of Piranhas and they all have different preferences when it comes to food.

Some of them prefer live fish, birds, scavengers, and corpses, while others can be completely vegetarian that feed on plants and seeds.

But the red-bellied piranhas are the savages and the most dangerous of the breed.

Throughout history, there have been a lot of infamous attacks, wherein the most recent one in 2020, Piranhas attacked more than 30 people.

Now, authorities have marked the Piranha located spots with warning signs.

But how do these little evil-jawed”creatures find their prey?

What is their most favorite body part?

And what are the most helpful survival tactics you must know in an unfortunate attack?

00:00​ – Intro
01:25​ – Get out of the water fast
01:51​ – Shhh! Don’t Make Any Sound
02:26​ – Stay Still As Much As You Can
02:50​ – Search for Deep Water
03:18​ – Keep Your Hands and Feet Safe
03:56​ – Don’t Use Any Type Of Light Source
04:28​ – Don’t go Into Water With an Open Cut
04:48​ – Avoid Swimming in Places with Active Fishing
05:02​ – Wait Till Dry Season is Finished
05:25​ – Piranhas are the least dangerous when they’re sitting on your plate
06:11 – Outro

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