10 Tips How To Survive a Bear Attack
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10 Tips How To Survive a Bear Attack

Imagine you’re on a lovely hike in the forest and all of a sudden you encounter a big bear.

Once you lay your eyes in their most-probably-growling-mouth, you start doubting the days when Winnie the Pooh fooled you into thinking that bear’s favorite food is honey.

Now you start thinking what would Leonardo DiCaprio do?

Should you excuse yourself and be gone?

Should you get on your knees and pray and while you’re at it lay on the ground and play the dead-man?

There are two kinds of people in the world?

Those who have heard of playing dead when facing a bear and those who know WHEN it’s best to do so?

It all depends on the type of beer that is in front of you.

To find out about this, we’re giving you a bonus tip on how to act according to the bear.

00:00​ – Intro
00:53​ – Identify the Bear
01:58​ – Research Your Hiking/Camping Areas
02:26​ – Stay Calm
02:55​ – Threatened VS Curios bear
03:22​ – Bear Spray
04:02​ – Don’t Climb The Tree
04:22​ – Move Slowly and Sideways
04:52​ – Hike Or Travel In Groups
05:11​ – Leave Your Dog At Home (or put them on a leash)
05:39 – Avoid females with cubs
06:26​ – Question

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14 Thoughts to “10 Tips How To Survive a Bear Attack”

  1. shelby rice

    Wrong! Tigers can climb trees easily! Climbing trees will not protect you from tigers! dont listen to that advice youll be eaten!

  2. Akash A

    I want to know how to survive a Pack of wolf attack

  3. Susan

    Yeah Stay away from them 😁lol

  4. I love Kakashi

    1:bring your pet tiger and a rifle

  5. tyson thao

    Fact- the bear decides if you survive or not. If it wants you dead, you will be

  6. TopDog8762

    Wow usually these info videos on dangerous wildlife are, well less than stellar information. This video was actually good with useful info.

  7. K9Boxing

    Stay out the woods

  8. Thomas Zaccone

    .444 Winchester is just two words

  9. Hasan kabalan

    So good👍

  10. Jakevious Watkins

    U can bring a dog for that

  11. 『Cookiez』

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  12. Julia Gloomsky

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