10 Rare Dog Breeds That Really Stand Out from the Crowd
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10 Rare Dog Breeds That Really Stand Out from the Crowd

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Every dog park has its fair share of Labs, golden retrievers, and French bulldogs, but you’d be less likely to find these rare dog breeds in your neighborhood. These pups are scarce but incredible; hard to find because the breed either fell out of favor or never made it into the popular crowd.
But fans of these unique dog breeds say the effort is worth it. While today’s most popular dog breeds make awesome pets, there’s a whole pack of rare breeds waiting to be rediscovered. In this video, we have listed 10 Rare Dog Breeds That Really Stand Out from the Crowd.

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21 Thoughts to “10 Rare Dog Breeds That Really Stand Out from the Crowd”

  1. Jamie Benitez

    I would name that puppy Sasha

  2. Jamie Benitez

    My grandma’s brother has a white German shepherd and his name is nanook idk if I spelled his name right

  3. Ava Chris

    this is so cool and interesting

  4. Vinz Tablizo

    Afghan hound is my dream dog

  5. Burim Kzyeziu

    Love your channel so much ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

  6. Rui Samsung

    2 times post the orange stripes and nothing of show them, dennounced, f k u

  7. Rui Samsung

    Wheres the orange stripes one?

  8. Kennedi’s Adventures 1101

    I got an idea if you can’t find a golden dox just get a golden retriever and weenier dog and wait for the magic to happen

  9. Benjamin Luna

    I love Dogs

  10. 335 Chachua

    The bewer terrier is a Yorkshire terrier not a separate breed

  11. Mila Rodriguez

    I would name the adorable pup Honey

  12. Mila Rodriguez

    The American foxhounds look like big beagles

  13. قناة تيتو

    Good .. i love dogs and cats , Thank you

  14. Abigail Louise Smith

    i have a spinone she is expecting to have a litter soon

    edit she had 9 puppys

  15. Leyla Erenler

    7. Comment

  16. Edith Critchlow

    Name him Benji

  17. Nakul Khatnawalia

    Korean mastiff?

  18. Aaron Pritty

    I have once again returneddddd

  19. 1400 kay

    i love all doggos <3

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