10 Questions with a Newfoundland Dog Owner
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10 Questions with a Newfoundland Dog Owner

Coming from the far north Newfoundland Island of Canada… They’re one of the largest dog breeds in the world… Bred for carting and hauling side by side with sailors… These powerful, selfless dogs heroically rescued passengers from drowning and have kept their caring nature and great loyalty to this day… From heroes to one of the best family companions… As nothing good comes without a challenge… Giant dogs, almost twice your size, howling, drooling and shedding like it’s their job… Are they worth the trouble? What’s it like to own a Newfoundland dog? And how about NINE??!

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9 Thoughts to “10 Questions with a Newfoundland Dog Owner”

  1. Maximilian the Newf

    All true!!

  2. Paquette Stephen Brett

    Greater swiss mountain dog vs bernese mountain dog.?

  3. Brutus & Maximus

    Brutus gets called a bear too…

  4. Siva. Thamizhmathi

    Well done …

  5. Ghulam M

    The thumbnail, iykyk

  6. Mudit Chhajed

    It’s soo clear that she’s reading from a teleprompter.

  7. Mehdi.d. 051


  8. pathan mous

    Love you

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