10 Perfect Dogs for Apartment Living

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10 Perfect Dogs for Apartment Living

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We have good and bad news. Bad news: not all dogs are ideal for apartment living – many of them are serious barkers.
But wait! Good news: there is a huge selection of great dog breeds that don’t bark and are perfect for apartments.
Though nearly all dogs can bark, not all have a tendency to.
In this video we have listed 10 Perfect Quiet Dogs for Apartment Living.

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27 Thoughts to “10 Perfect Dogs for Apartment Living”

  1. Arxtel iWinx

    english mastiffs is a great apartment dogs too due to their low tendency to bark,are low energy and calm

  2. D l reddy Reddy

    I love ur channel my first dislike, mine first dislike to be the first

  3. kavita gali

    Can you make verse dalmatian and any other except lab

  4. Alex Markov

    My father had a Newfoundland,but she left
    Now my brother has a Caucasian shepherd and she has 2 yearrs

  5. Alex Fry

    Can you guys make a video on the dogs with the world’s highest prey drive

  6. Máté Nagy

    100-t like yeey


    Hi ! I’m a huge fan of your channel , and it’s among my most loved channels for pets . Can you please come up with some breed only videos , i.e. , each video for each dog species . I would love it

  8. S.p.H. Productions

    How about Chow Chows?

  9. senpai inside

    1:31 check out that wink 😉


    *like, if you also have a dog..*

  11. Kevin Grant

    lets be mates plz


    @ViralBe I think top 10 perfect dogs for survival

  13. Đole Tačna Kamera Srbija

    I have belgian malino:D

  14. edu xx11

    I’m so happy that my dog made an appearance 😍😊 his a Maltese terrier his called blaze

  15. Kaleb Green

    You forgot Boston terrier

  16. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Which top 10 video should we make in the next video ?

  17. nox 290

    I love all ur video ur the best channel of ytb can u do a video on staffordshire bull terrier please 🐕‍🦺🐩🦮🐕😀😀💥💯🤍🤍

  18. sherminater93

    Never get chihuahua.. noisy dog XD

  19. nox 290

    So good ur video men

  20. ILYAS


  21. Peter Harper

    I’m enjoying your videos ViralBe keep them coming.

  22. HNC Sci Tv

    make a vedio on labrador only

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